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Thread: The Chat Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by devi View Post
    Yes because clearly someone giving birth to someone from their thigh is more stupid than people drowning mothers and their children because they thought they could breath water.

    I'm sorry but the latter is clearly more retarded.
    But wasn't that zues thigh kid the "party god" that just went around getting drunk and having massive orgies? With centaurs occasionally?

    That could have been a different kid of his though. I'm on mobile and not about to look up the technicalities in the weirdness of mythology in general.
    Quote Originally Posted by GMR View Post
    Thanks for making me feel worthless!
    wRHG Page.
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    *anime reference*
    Of course when you think about it ancient mythology sounds really fucking stupid. It's mythology. And it's ancient. There's a lady who pisses off a Goddess whose punishment is to have her hair turn to snakes and then turn flesh to stone faster than a newcomer to porn.
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