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Thread: The Chat Thread

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    well if the projects are doable in the amount of time given then I don't see how the fact that your school year's ending is relevant at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgnusBurns View Post
    So... My school year is dwindling down to its last days, yet the teachers still insist on handing out projects worth half of your grade...

    Anybody else in the same predicament?
    I have 2 game development projects and 1 cosplay project due in 3 weeks

    quit whining
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    Cosplay project?
    ⇑ By, Zero.
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    Hey all! ,

    I have no idea who remembers this asshole! haha, I was checking my character because i am going to use of for D&D.
    Damn I was only 17 years old when I wrote this! 22 now !

    Thanks for not deleting anything :-) It means a lot to me.

    bye bye,
    Stoned and, slightly happy Rochedan, ( Tino )

    Peace out folks,
    Will start lurking a bit more !
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ai_ View Post
    I have 2 game development projects and 1 cosplay project due in 3 weeks

    quit whining
    I have a durian I need to eat in the next 20 minutes.

    Stop whining.

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    *witty place that I'm not really at*
    Oh are we one-upping each other's college workloads? Cool.

    4 final programming projects, 1 research paper, 2 final exams, all with about 2 weeks notice, on top of working 2 jobs. Did I win?
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    I participate in MUSH roleplay things. They're pretty cool. A new guy just joined and got approved to participate.

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    Hold on wait a minute.
    Quote Originally Posted by Youwishjellyfish View Post
    One of these days I'm going to punch you right in the throat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ai_ View Post
    I have 2 game development projects and 1 cosplay project due in 3 weeks

    quit whining
    Wasn't actually trying to sound whiny but if that's what it sounded like my bad...
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    That moment you realize for the first time in your life come spring time you have no exams because you finished school last year.
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