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Thread: The Forum - Setting and Characters

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    The Forum - Setting and Characters

    Okay, I had a different wRHG before Tabitha, had. Of course, those who were there would know it was a flop. In a mad attempt to join the first iteration of Hewitt's tournament I haphazardly rushed her submission and I was so emotional, so invested, that what transpired became my greatest shame. There was a silver lining to the ordeal I discovered while justifying and salvaging my wreck. What started out as a minor detail in the character's backstory, I explored and expanded it in my spare time. It ended up too big to fit in the character's bio and too grand to include it in my daydreams thread. After several months of procrastination, I'm hanging on to my promise of completing it.

    The Forum is a secluded, self-sufficient, general-interest online forum that is governed by a mysterious administrator and his huge legion of followers. It also has several other sections alongside the forums like an IRC channel and a gallery. Only the admin knows about the website's past as everyone else concludes that it has simply existed as an 'internet paradise' for a long time, even the older users agree with this sentiment. No one seems to question anything here, why would they even bother? The userbase is comprised of people from all walks of life and arrive either via invitation or complete accident. They always remain active (enough) after their first visit and unconsciously follow unspoken codes of conduct. For a community so large and diverse, it remains as a hidden mystery known only by word-of-mouth and the deepest of rumors.

    Also called as Nevara, Alium Mundum, Mercizor, The Washington Project, Warpzone Twenty, Cyberspace Citadel and other nicknames because the official name keeps burdening everyone. It is a separate dimension the admin has created as his own personal domain. Moderators, scientists, and volunteers are working around the clock to help improve it's habitability. No one remembers how they arrive and leave the place, even those with the sharpest memory experience some kind of selective amnesia. The only detail known so far is that a moderator must be present to oversee the process.

    It manifests as a featureless white plain, the light gray sun is always above the horizon and the sky is a constant dark shade of violet. There are no living organisms there except for 'plant' life which is only seen within a large settlement in the middle of it all. The settlement is an empty medieval kingdom, complete with a castle and a town square with all furnishings imported from the real world. The physics behind the place is unhinged on a quantum level since no one has fully perfected mimicking reality. For example, food spawned by console commands can be consumed but it will taste exactly like the last meal you have eaten in real life. Flowers either have the wrong scents or have no scent at all and trees bear the wrong fruit. Recreating chemical reactions leads to unexpected results like an electromagnetic wave from making lemonade. At the very least, it is possible to 'live' here but it is advised that one must have a backup residence in case of server maintenance.

    The Anomaly
    A reality-warping instance that is a by-product of the admin's work. So far it is known for affecting members of The Forum exclusively, either positively or negatively. Recently, it became malignant and began influencing various events around the globe. While its presence is a necessary evil, it poses a sizable risk in revealing the existence of The Forum to prying eyes.

    The many members of The Forum (The meat of the fluff)
    The user base is unbelievably large and diverse for such a secluded website. Members come from all walks of life, no matter who they are or what they do, they always have time to log in and socialize. Inevitably, due to preferences, they tend to factionalize themselves according to a common theme or idea. Moderators are also grouped, mostly by specialization.
    Spoiler for List of notable groups and members (By Antonia Marquez):
    They come into their own thread. Of course, at the moment there aren't much to read but in due time there will be a lot. I'm just very busy at the moment.

    There! It's done for now! For the next few weeks, prepare for mass edits as I make additions I -wish- I thought up beforehand! Acutelatios, if you're reading this, this is where Izzy came from.

    - Moderators (Specialized mods, The Admin)
    - More wordiness on The Anomaly
    - Add more sentences to lacking entries
    - Polishing
    - Finish the WIP Story drafts
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    Excellent work so far. I'll be watching this thread closely, GT.

    I've read the entire thing but I'll try to give my thoughts on it later or sometime.

    Spoiler for :

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