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Thread: .:Aesir:.

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    House of the Gods Aesir's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Norse Mythology



    -Clan Collaborations-


    -Honorary Members-



    Spoiler for Allies:

    We changed the name from bi-weeklies, because it seemed misleading. Tur is derived from the word tu, which meant 10 in Old Norse, so we chaned it to that.

    .:Turs will be held regularly. For example, every 2nd or 3rd week.

    .:Ideas will rotate around the members.

    .:Every tur is expected to be atleast 7 seconds

    .:Each tur should not take over your life. This is just a side thing for you to work on to stay active.

    Aesir tur #1
    Spoiler for Tur #1:

    Spectre Tur
    G0mute Tur
    Krubb Tur
    Savy ~Soon~
    Atomicapple Tur

    Aesir tur #2
    Spoiler for Tur #2:

    Spectre Tur
    G0mute Tur
    Savy Tur
    Atomicapple Tur
    Xeno ~Soon~
    Emosheep Tur

    -Supporter Signatures-


    ^paste this in your sig removing the little red asterix

    special thanks to G0mute

    All of the Signatures


    -Retired Members-

    Important! These are basically a set of guidelines that are important.
    Please do not attempt to tryout for this clan if you know you won't be able to follow all of them

    .:. Post at least once a week. Unless you have a good reason which you must tell me beforehand.
    Your post can be anything from just a "Hi guys", to an in depth conversation about life the universe and everything

    .:.Please get on IRC occasionally. It is the best place for chatting and talking.

    .:. Most big discussions and decisions will be held on IRC

    .:. Please notify me or one of the other members if you're going away and might not be able to be active for a week or so.


    a 7+ second long animation showcasing your animation skills and abilities.
    Some things that will grab our attention are, special effects, backgrounds (so far we all suck at backgrounds) good steady animation, well executed combos.
    If tryouts are not up to par with our expectations, we will invite members.
    Tryouts Closed.

    We will NOT be posting the results as they may seem biased to some people.

    This is an intermediate leveled clan, do not expect to be accepted if you are below.

    Special thanks to apex for help
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    Jun 2014

    ima tryout for hononary Member Yes I AM [Invite only* :c] well cant [EDIT]

    also dem support sig . my RHG Brown and have a scythe i wanted to the wep in there too

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    Ghooost Venix's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    A new thread?
    I like the new art you guys made.
    And you have a clan account.
    It's worth it to support this clan.

    btw, good luck on collabs and stuff.

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    Prank pls. Ipman's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    I-I can't remember..
    ohh.. Aesir has been refreshed... i like the new flag and the added layouts guys! good luck on doing stuff again :3

    Back from the dead

    Signature found somewhere in FaceBook
    Avatar made by This site

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    Wow, looks good. C:

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    Jul 2012
    It is becoming a trend now and we don't have established rules for it yet, but we'd like to gently remind you again to use Clan Accounts responsibly, you know to prevent accidents like this from happening. For now we're allowing these things, but if we see alot of abuse, we might as well outlaw these things

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    inside jutsu
    Yeah sorry Hewitt my fault it won't happen again.

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    btw you could've asked a mod to merge Aesir's post to the first one of the old thread. Was making an entirely new one really necessary O_o

    I mean, its fine and all, but if you knew it was even possible would you have done it instead?

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    Rationality Xeno's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    inside jutsu
    Yeah Of course but I didn't know it was possible D:

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    HewwitCorp Slave Atomicapple's Avatar
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    Area 11
    Yay cool. love the password for the clan account
    Did anyone start working on the tgtfo or whatever collab yet? i completely forgot about it.
    Is topburger doing anything? i never heard from him or even talked to him before

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