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Thread: Friday Funk #17: Sacrifice

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    The Cutest Latios acutelatios's Avatar
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    Where Night and Day hold hands with each other

    Friday Funk #17: Sacrifice

    Greetings dearies~! Welcome back to the Friday Funk, and hopefully you're all ready for this week's writing prompt 'cause it's pretty intense!

    Anyways, for those wondering what this is, here's an explanation:

    The Friday Funk is a weekly activity where I post either a word, a phrase, a theme or an established setting.

    Your job is to write a story about it and post what you got on this thread, of course remember to put it in a spoiler to avoid long posts and if you haven't finished your piece and it's past the due date, well it doesn't really matter! The thing is that the due date is here to motivate you to finish the story, in truth anyone can do any past FF any time they please.

    Got that~? Alrighty, let's get on with it~!

    Also a special 'thank you' to WafflesMgee for this week's prompt~

    Spoiler for Sacrificificial Lamb:

    Go and get writing dears! Good luck and have fun~!

    o w o
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    PyroKen Ares's Avatar
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    Cool topic! Another Lands-of-Shadow setting!

    Spoiler for Death of a Father, Told by a Son:

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    Boomerangtang Boomerang's Avatar
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    So I was listening to a pretty upsetting song and then thought of this FF that I've been craving to do, so I just put this together.

    Spoiler for FF: Sacrifice:

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