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Thread: Pet Peeves

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    I'll be sure to note that in my story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewitt View Post
    If you are having issues at level 30 in F3 then I feel sorry for you
    Not really an issue per say. More like you want to be even more badass than you already are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaaading View Post
    Not really an issue per say. More like you want to be even more badass than you already are.
    That sounds like a personal issue.

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    When you are playing LoL or whatever MOBA game and then suddenly massive lag. Oh and noobs too, the ones who don't listen to their team, doesn't care and feeds around, with the enemy team being pros. I hate it when they come in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jutsu View Post
    When you're playing as the epic fantasy main character and npc's give you a hard time, then when you kick there asses the guards who should basically worship you try to kill you.

    Bitch I'm the fucking dragon born, don't tell me you'll kick my ass, merchant. And the guards should be like, yeah maybe you shouldn't talk shit at the fucking DRAGONBORN, you fucking cock sucking tool bag.

    "Thank you for saving our defenceless village from that terrible dragon, but I'm afraid you're being changed for coughing in the village hobo's general direction. Give me money or you're under arrest."
    I hate that shit as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel View Post
    You'll never make it with an SP social career if you don't know who Charry is by now.

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    The sounds of markers used on a paper.

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