Welcome once more to another of these Friday Funk threads! Glad to have you stop on by to check this out. It's always appreciated.
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What's the Friday Funk you ask? Why let me explain it to you!

The Friday Funk is a weekly activity where I post either a word, a phrase, a theme or an established setting.

Your job is to write a story about it and post what you got on this thread, of course remember to put it in a spoiler to avoid long posts and if you haven't finished your piece and it's past the due date, well it doesn't really matter!

The thing is that the due date is here to motivate you to finish the story, in truth anyone can do any past FF any time they please.
Get it? Got it? Gooo!

This week's prompt brought to you by WafflesMgee.

Spoiler for Time to go:

Alright! May Lady Luck and your muse be with you!

Remember, if you have an idea for a prompt feel free to send it in any way you can. Not here though, best to keep it a secret~

If you have any question about the FFs or this prompt then feel free to go ahead and ask it here!

See you all next week!