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Thread: Classic Crossover RESULTS!

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    Classic Crossover RESULTS!


    Sorry for the delay my friends, but the time has finally come! We have our results for our Classic Crossover competition. Although the submissions may be few, the quality amongst these submissions is some of the best we've seen in our competitions thus far. Special thanks from myself and the SP staff for all of those who put forth the effort and flexed their skills in the very first Classic Crossover competition. Without further ado, here are our results;

    3 Different judges scored the animations based on the below;

    quality/originality: 10
    length/story: 10
    style: 5

    Then each category was added up and divided by 3 to give an average score for each category until finally adding each category together to give an avg score out of the possible 25 points.

    1st $700 = Rebellion; "Forsaken Beard" 21.65/25
    2nd $500 = Oxob; "Breaking Phase Zero" 21.49/25
    3rd $400 = Syrius; "Drunken Ghost Fight" 21.003/25

    Honorable Mention:
    PivotBlimp; "Castle II x Top Stick" = 19.82/25
    Chewy; "Ghostfight x Micwizard" = 19.15/25

    1st $400 = Barthimo; "Grafight300" = 18.15
    2nd $250 = Theexceld; "Worldwar Shock" = 17.82
    3rd $150 = Hymaster; "No Control" = 16.66/25

    Honorable Mention:

    Methodanims;"Final Fantasy Rebalanced" = 12.99/25

    1st $200 = Pox; "Safety in Black and White" = 11.66/25
    2nd $125 = Dot; "Pool Side Love" = 10.99/25
    3rd $75 = Alpha Seagull; "Shock x Umbrellas Final Mission" = 9.33/25

    We had some amazing entries, and even still some prizes were left without entries! All the better reason to push to work your hardest no matter what category you are in. The animations will have a release schedule posted. Competitors please do not release your animation until it is released on the front page of stickpage. Just a reminder, you may not change your animation from its submitted form ( removing or changing branding )

    Those collecting a prize; please PM me with your PAYPAL email and we'll get you paid up!

    I've received all of the competitors paypal emails! Traditionally, each competitor is paid upon release of the of the animation on the front page of stickpage. Once your animation is released you must simply just wait 2 days before submitting the animation elsewhere.

    IMPORTANT; remember you cannot change or remove the branding or else you will be in violation of the competitions terms. Aside from that, you are free to post it wherever you'd like after those 2 days!
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    Wow the pro category was super close. Well done everyone.
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    those gap in the pro tho
    can't wait to watch it all
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    Congrats to all the winners!

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    Finally the result showed
    Also congrats to all of the winners

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    Is that all of the entrants?

    Also I won. Yaaaaay!!

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    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Quick question: Can anyone who's not in the top 3 release their entry already? and we can still try and get it featured on the frontpage right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
    Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Quick question: Can anyone who's not in the top 3 release their entry already? and we can still try and get it featured on the frontpage right?
    I agree with Chewy.. If that's ok with the mod.. We're really eager to see their parts.. :3..

    Also, congrats to all the winners.. Hope to see all of them soon in the frontpage..
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    Holy shoot Reb 1st place waw hehehe and great job to everyone too congrats
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    Woooaah!!! Reb is first place! damn son! good job
    but whos on the intermediate 3rd and the beginner 3rd?

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