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Thread: Chat rules and ban appeals

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    Welp that sucks.
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    *anime reference*
    Quote Originally Posted by AsePlayer View Post
    Not true. None of the admin picks go through without passing me first. We have only added 1-2 people in the past many months.
    so youre saying you approved willdabeast1 to be mod
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firewall View Post
    so youre saying you approved willdabeast1 to be mod
    Yeah. He was looking very promising until this happened lol

    Also user refuses to get discord so we can coordinate his unban live so that it takes 10 seconds so rip.
    Quote Originally Posted by sss
    You are the cancer of stickpage you fucking fuckity fuck fuck
    Quote Originally Posted by HashBrownTrials View Post
    By the time the new update comes out DAZ would've gone through puberty. Lel
    Quote Originally Posted by WyzDM View Post
    Also Fuck EvE. That's not a matchup. That's a rock-paper-I-don't-give-a-fuck.

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