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Thread: [Help Board] Writers' Rendezvous--Writing Resources and Feedback

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    [Help Board] Writers' Rendezvous--Writing Resources and Feedback

    The Writers' Rendezvous
    Your friendly community help desk.

    Do you want writing help or feedback on your work but can't, for the life of you, get any? Do you want to help out other writers, but aren't sure if people will actually listen to your feedback? Well, you're in the right place! Just take a look around and see what catches your eye. If you have questions about how anything works, check out the FAQ below.

    Spoiler for FAQ:

    Spoiler for Guidelines:

    Spoiler for Patron Information:

    (For organization's sake, information services are listed separately. Servers can be listed in both places if they offer both.)
    Spoiler for Server and Reference Information:
    Spoiler for Server Listing:

    References and Resources
    Spoiler for Reference Documents:
    Spoiler for Reference Listing:
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    Out of curiosity, is this not similar to Gather in nature?

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    This is distinct in that it's meant to facilitate one-on-one feedback.

    From what I understand, Gather is more group- and discussion-oriented. If you want general writing stuff, you'd be better off going there, but if you need or want to offer something specific on discrete works, you would have a better time looking here.

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    Ah, I do see what you mean in that. It's similar to the old "Mentorship" program I tried holding here. I do wish you better luck than I had.

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    Now this is something Stickpage writers need, a mentorship program. I'm not really familiar with any writing mentorship programs in the past, but I think it's really cool that writers have a particular thread like this in which they can talk to different people based on their specialized writing forte.

    I'm sure this will be successful, Jesse.

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    #gavx or something

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    Ah, thanks for the sticky, mods!

    This is probably as good a time as any to say, once again, that there's really no point to this thread if nobody signs up to give or get help. You can be any skill level to help and do whatever you think you can, whether that's proofreading, feedback, discussing ideas, or other general things.

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    Ironically enough, I actually have some CnC for this as an entirety.

    Jesse, no one from FA can deny your reputation, but the truth is, most of the people here didn't come from FA and your past reputation doesn't carry over here. Now I know you did a lot of internal work with your tournament, but masses need to see things externally as well. Outside looking in, it'd be easy to picture you simply as royalty requesting knights to serve until you get out there and actually lead the fight. You haven't been very active here, and truthfully, that doesn't give people much reason to believe in you. If you want them to, lead the charge and get your name out there, give a few CnCs just for doing it and then see who comes to your aid. Don't give up on something people can't even see you fighting for.

    If that sounded rude or anything, I apologize, it's 2am and I shouldn't be awake right now.

    Assuming you show this is something worth fighting for, I wish it the best, but until then don't blame people for not signing up.

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    I know I'm a fairly inactive literally who, which shouldn't matter because this isn't like a tournament (where a reputation helps people know that you'll keep everything running). The point of this thread is to let people come forward and directly offer help to people who ask for it. Except for any feedback I personally give and making this thread, I'm not running anything. I pitched this before posting specifically because this is a place to facilitate people working directly with other people, and that can't work unless there are both people to give and request help.

    I also realize it's a bit presumptuous to only give feedback by request, but here's the thing. I gave in-depth feedback on every tournament story in the Valley of Dreams and still saw the exact same mistakes being made over and over. The scores actually went down in successive rounds, presumably because people didn't care as much about their stories as time went on (which, realistically, is to be expected). My point is, as much as I'm willing to give feedback, it's not that useful unless people actually want it, use it, and analyze it, and I'm not wont to putting literally hours of time into giving feedback that doesn't make a difference.

    If people don't want to join in on this, then that's fine. It's just a way for people to work with each other, especially when writers can't find the help they want by generally asking for feedback.

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    Apologies for the double post.

    I recently realized that some people might want help in research for stories and that it would seriously help if there were people who could offer specialized knowledge that is harder to find information about. I'm talking about things like military experience, martial arts, firearm or other weapon use, or even just living in a certain country (I would personally be very happy to know someone who was in emergency medical services). Obviously, not everyone cares about stringent research, as a story that involved people with the forces of god smacking someone else with an orbital satellite wouldn't be all that unusual around here. But for the people who want to inject reality into their works, it's great to have someone with first-hand experience.

    If you have this kind of unique information or access to someone who does and are willing to share it, please feel free to post up here, listing first-hand experience before the rest of the stuff. Obviously, not everyone wants to talk about all of their life experiences.

    Topics that may be useful (obviously not an exhaustive list):
    • Culture/Language (remember that cultures vary wildly even within a country)
    • Physical Experiences (e.g., broken bones, surgery, drowning [geesh], car accident, physical therapy)
    • Martial Arts (do specify what kind, as they are all very different)
    • Use of Firearms/Gun Safety
    • Medical Services
    • Military Forces
    • Law Enforcement
    • Law/Court Matters
    • Specialized Knowledge (e.g., physics, history, literature, chemistry, economics, computer science beyond basic levels)
    • Specialized Skills (e.g., care of horses, carpentry, sports, music composition, teaching)
    • Specialized Information [General] (e.g., birds, aviation, manufacturing, anatomy, ecology, telecommunications, owning a dog)
    (The difference between those last three being that Knowledge is more studying academically [as in a college or university], Skills is practical, and General is specific points of study or pet projects. Obviously there's some overlap. You don't have to categorize your knowledge anyways, so it doesn't matter.)

    On a similar note, if you have informative resources on certain topics (like this medical first response guide which I am finding very helpful), please feel free to share it with your fellow writers! I'm adding a resources section in the first post.
    ETA: The resources section has been added with a few basic articles. If you have anything that you think should be added or topics that would be nice to have under there, please let me know!

    (Personally, I have experience with medical research labs and have seen an open surgery. I can provide information on classical and (limited) quantum physics, electricity and magnetism, and anatomy. I also have access to information about Chinese culture, especially in rural areas, as well as hospital procedure and requirements to work in the medical field.)

    If you have some topic that isn't listed that you desperately need a first-hand resource for, feel free to request it! I doubt that everyone will post everything they know.

    Keep in mind that this isn't supposed to be some way to get someone to do research for you. It's just a way to get access to information that might be more difficult to get from secondary sources. If there's something you can easily find with a two second Google search, please don't bother someone about it. When you request something, make sure you know specifically what you want to know. It's really not fair to call someone up and ask them to "tell you about botany".
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    I know stuff about guns. Also I'm British so that's some culture I'm happy to talk about. North-east. Teesside. Also, I can help with characters and abilities.
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