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Thread: Favorite RHG or RHG Battle

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    Alfa vs Yoyo
    Alfa vs Umbrella

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    My favorite battle is FLLFFL VS Umbrella or Gildedguy VS Bog. GG VS Bog is so smooth and clean.
    My favorite RHG is... hmm... either Ada, Gildedguy, Oxob or Umbrella. I can't decide XD.

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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).
    Okay so uhm, I may as well as post here.

    So my favorite RHG is definitely Percy Farukon. I jest I jest, but in terms of wRHG my favorite guy is Ergos. No favorite battle, but the Blade Mercenaries are a good clan since it's an intersting idea. In terms of regular RHG, my favorite char is hands down and without a doubt The French since I like the design. My favorite battles were Firmament vs. Fordz because I also like those guys and YoYo vs. FLLFFL (Alfa) 'cause it's a classic. Oh and btw my fav clan is Zetabrand.
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    It was a bloody good time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconX578 View Post
    I jest I jest, but in terms of wRHG my favorite guy is Ergos.
    I enjoyed getting to write him towards the end. Hopefully shadowmirror's doing well out there.
    I think my favorite battle to watch has gotta be Chuck vs Alfa. I still love all the other battles I can think of and that get mentioned, but Endo's stuff makes me happy, and not in the way that like Gilded's battles do, like, with Endo, whether it's Beard Ninja or Chuck, I'm rooting for both parties to kick the other's ass, and the one that kicks the most ass winds up being the one I'm rooting for most to kick the other's ass as I'm first watching it. Plus the music's good and the effects and stuff are good.

    In terms of a favorite RHG character though, for that I'd have to go with Umbrella, what with how Resh does his stories. Barthimo's another good one, but I guess we'd be calling him a duelist or whatever the fuck instead. Wrench is also pretty nice but his story's so cryptic it's kinda hard to follow. I could go on listing more and more, but I guess I'll talk wRHG.

    We did some kind of awards thing for last year but the way we set it up, I basically listed out like five favorites. I like what Lobotomizer did with Zhelan, I like what Crank's doing with Serif, I like what SriGraecus is doing with Wilder -- there are some good solo stories out there. For battles, iunno, there was a clan war, it was ok

    Ah damn, I forgot Supranova. His guy's probably my favorite out of everybody.

    I mean Drifts? Avanz?

    Fuck this thread.
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    I remember really liking Mr Pix because Geo did lots of fun stuff with him. Like with Mr Pix vs FL where he has Pix wrap himself around the bridge and do a triple whiplash kick or something. Watch it to see what I mean.

    I just feel like in general, Geo's RHG fights made me happy like how Chromium describes Endo. They have a certain flavor that I really resonate with. His RHG is a white circle with black outline, but he uses great music, bright colors, and quirky movements to keep it interesting and always comes up with cool ways to use his RHG's powers. They're also usually short which to some might be a downside but I think he packs lots of creativity in there and has little filler in the middle which makes his stuff feel like nice little shots of sugar. I don't really love Shock More as much as I do his other stuff simply because it ran too long.

    I got to say though my favorite RHG that I still remember to this day even if he's obscure is that acid guy. I forgot the name and who made him, and I don't think he was ever in a battle, but I remember seeing his demo back in FA when they had that RHG portal thing and thought it was really cool. The stick was basically an outline, but unlike with the Zetabrand style, the outline isn't just a design feature but it acts as this "shell" because inside the outline is green acid that he shoots out or something. It's not acb's dude because his is new and I saw this guy idk back 2011?

    It blew my mind because his demo has the green liquid actually moving as the stick moves, much like when you have a bottle of water and the water shakes when the bottle moves. It was a detail that hasn't been done before at the time afaik and it was great. The animator wasn't as famous as terkoiz or Hyun but he was well-known in FA. I'd seriously be happy if anyone finds this guy for me.

    it's Kymjaga's "?" RHG. Like the name of the character is a question mark. idk if it was actually from 2011
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