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Thread: Yoku, Paint Necromancer

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    Yoku, Paint Necromancer

    My cumpoter is still in the shop.






    He has a big paintbrush that he can use to bend the battlefield to his liking. He can make a blade come out of the brush which he can extend, as well as morph into different shapes, like a whip, and a hammer.


    Thinner, thinner, as some may know, can dissolve his paint.


    He was an explorer, he adventured alongside some friends. One day, they decided to take our hand at treasure hunting, they searched for a lost cave which had some sort of artifact, a paintbrush of which its paintings came to life, an obvious yes from him. So they found it, and this monster suddenly appeared from the paint. He was backing away from the monster when all of a sudden he stepped in some weird liquid, he quickly found out it was thinner. He did what he had to do, and the paintbrush was theirs. He kept it, and they continued treasure hunting. They found more legendary weapons that his friends kept.


    Coming soon to an edit near you


    Nonething yet


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