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Thread: pls help beta test

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    pls help beta test

    We're launching a new site and I need to make sure it's functional. It's not SP related, it's just a little side-project. Basically it's a blog-style website for gathering viral videos in a simple and easy to use manner. The goal is to provide a smooth experience on any screen size and on most smart devices, so I would appreciate any helpers using as many devices as they can to use the site.

    If you're interested in lending me some of your time, here's what I'd like:

    • Thoroughly browse the site, try to use every feature
    • Test on multiple devices if you can, beneficial if you have a smart phone or tablet to test with
    • Report speed of website (both for page loading and performance)
    • Report any bugs you find
    • Provide feedback as to what you like or don't like
    • Suggest any improvements or changes you'd like to see

    The site is (nearly) feature complete, so finding bugs is important. There are no user accounts, pretty much all you gotta do is watch a bunch of videos. Those that wish to help out should leave a comment below and I'll send you a link to the website. You may PM me any feedback or post in this thread if you wish. Thanks to everyone who helps!

    Edit: Some Additional Notes

    • If you have adblock you may be seeing some blank boxes on the front screen, these are normally reserved for ads, I'll probably put something else in as filler.
    • Your ability to access the site is based on your IP at the time you posted here, if you wish to test on a different IP (for example a mobile connection), please send me that IP and I will add it to the whitelist
    • We will be hiring writers before release to actually create the blog-style content, right now you'll see the default title/description for each video. This is normal and will change.
    • The view view page has a few more things that need to be added to it, hopefully wont look as barren
    • Again there are no user accounts, this is a fairly simple-looking website.
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    I've got a Galaxy S2 and an Iphone 6. Hit me.

    I'll only be able to access it later though, there's no wifi here right now.

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    I'd like to help out. I can browse via iPod and laptop, so it should help to cover some bases. I don't wish to use my phone for the simple fact it's old and not the best for reliable feedback.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewitt View Post
    I've got a Galaxy S2 and an Iphone 6. Hit me.

    I'll only be able to access it later though, there's no wifi here right now.
    sweet, your location is also perfect since right now the server is not attached to a CDN, sending

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    I got an un-updated iphone 4 and an ipad 2. I don't mind being a beta.
    Spoiler for Earnings:

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    on desktop(google chrome)
    there is a black box in the bottom right idk if that is intentional or not
    -the front page looks like its missing a header at the top, even with the main black menu bar saying 'Today's Featured Viral Videos'
    i think its because of the difference in the next header,where it says 'Weekly Viral/February's Most Viral'. So it just looks that way even though it says at the top
    video pages look sorta bare. When there is no borders or any sort of 'organization' for anything it looks like just a bunch of characters on a screen.
    (edit): woops, just saw box shadow on the 'description' of the videos. It was just sorta light and bc of my shitty screen resolution and contrast i didn't notice
    i just saw 'edit video' somewhere and it leads to admin login page(my credentials dont work either wtf??!?!)
    but i forgot on which vid

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    ( > ^-^ )> ~~☆
    Galaxy S3 here
    Quote Originally Posted by Charry View Post
    No fuck off back into the tool shed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aztecas13 View Post
    O.M.G JukeJuke was banned on forums

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    I-I can't remember..
    I have an IPad mini so let me give it a shot.

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    27 inch imac if ya need it

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    Windows 7 PC.

    If that's useful at all.

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