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Thread: Kiro Sarr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowolf View Post
    I would like to suggest a specific shotgun...the Beretta SO6. That would also increase your range greatly.
    Scroll up and read Waffles' comments. I don't know a lot about guns, and that one might give you a range advantage, but a quick google revealed that it's single-loaded, meaning he'd have to reload after every shot. The gest of the shotgun he has now is that it's pump action, and still magazine-fed, so that he can load whatever ammo he wants quickly and keep the fire on his foe.

    Anyways Kiro, I see you took my advice to heart, though I simply put it out there so you could ponder on it and explore the various different angles, avenues, the ins and outs of your gimmic. You can go lots of ways with music-enhancement, I was simply stating the obvious, though whatever works for you ^^.

    So I forgot to take a look at the story :

    You provided us with more background on whom he was and why he is whom he is now, but (unless your personal definition of the wRHG system is different) why would he want to join the RHG program/why IS he part of it? People don't always provide reasons for joining, as their personal definition of how the system may sometimes just render such reasoning unnecessary, but I'm curious. Something to think about, and please, do think about it, and keep thinking about your char, where you can refine and improve him, where you can chip of rough edges and all those things.
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    Got pwned by Vern, luckily it was a spar.
    I will count this in my story.

    Spoiler for WHO I SUPP:

    I will remember you, Iwata...
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    ...but you just dealt me a crisp one right there.

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