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Thread: Made a post but now it's gone? Check here first.

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    Made a post but now it's gone? Check here first.

    If you've made a post on the forums and it vanished, there are a few things that could have happened:

    • Your Post was Binned - Check the subforum labelled "Trash Bin" at the bottom of the forum home page. If you see your thread in there, it was binned by a moderator. Check the last post in the thread to see if the mod who binned it left a reason why. Generally it will be because the thread broke our forum rules in some way, but if there is no message and you were not told why you may PM the moderator of the section you posted the thread in to see why it was removed.
    • Your Post was Moved - Our forum is divided into different subforums or sections that cater to specific discussion. If you made a thread that was more relevant in another subforum, it may have been moved by a moderator. Generally you will be notified of this, but like above you may PM a mod to find out more information as to why.
    • Your Post was Deleted - If your post is not found in the trash bin and was not moved, your post may have just been deleted. If your post was deleted and you'd like to know why, you may contact either the moderator of the section the post was in, a global mod, or an administrator about the deleted post to find out why. If your post was removed due to breaking the rules, you will usually receive an infraction explaining the reasoning. Make sure to check your PMs for any messages that might explain why.
    • Your Post is Awaiting Moderation - If you've made a post that contains a link and you're new to our forums, chances are your post is awaiting moderator approval before it can be seen by everyone else. Our policy on StickPage is to disallow posting links if you do not already have a certain number of posts on our forum. By default posts by new members that contain links are put into a queue for moderators to approve the content of the post. This is to prevent spambots and other potential abuses by members wishing only to use SP as a place to advertise for themselves. Moderators all run on different time schedules so there is no guarantee when your post will be approved. We suggest avoiding links until you're no longer a new member, or if it has been over two days without approval you may also message the moderator of the section you posted in to ask about the status.

    If none of the above applies some how, feel free to send me a message and I'll help you get to the bottom of where your post went. I'm a detective.

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    Because ˇyou want to know! >:V
    4:59!! You are crazy man!?! 0.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanAnimator123 View Post
    4:59!! You are crazy man!?! 0.o
    jajaja I think the same xd jajaja

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