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Thread: Art Software Ledger (ft. Music Production and Game Design)

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    Why Should you know?
    most of the artwork is well illustrated
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    Made With Mischief
    [WIN] and [OSX] compatible
    URL for free download/trial/purchase :

    Pretty cheap for an art software; $25.

    The difference between the free and paid versions aren't all that much. With the free software you don't get color palettes, a wider variety of presets, PSD export permission, or (the biggest one) the luxury of layers.

    After playing around with the free version for a little while, I came to the conclusion that this software would be best used for sketching out ideas, but it has the capability of going further. The pencil tool is fantastic, and the software is pressure-sensitive for tablet users. It also has an "endless canvas", meaning that artists can doodle to their heart's content.

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    I'd like to throw Godot game engine into the list: [WIN][OSX][NIX]

    It's a free and open-source game engine under the MIT license. It uses its own language, GDscript that is python-like in its nature. It also has a pretty powerful node-based system. It can be used for both 2D and 3D games. Currently since it's in its youth the documentation isn't amazing by any means, but there are a few tutorials there if someone needs direction.
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    Digitize India

    Nice post. I found this is an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable.
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    There are lot you can do with arts.

    Specially arts relating to animals such as mythical animal drawing are awesome.

    Also there are some softwares and tools available to generate random animals to get a basis for your arts such as

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