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Thread: Internet Problems

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    Exclamation Internet Problems

    Spoiler for Question Number 1:

    Spoiler for Question Number 2:

    All of these are related to internet so the problem/fix might involve only one issue/fix. Any advise would be very helpful.


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    I don't think this is something we can help you with. It sounds like your internet provider isn't providing the service you agreed on and whoever pays for it should do more to get them to fix it or choose another provider. The speed issue could just be them being shitty and relying on a stipulation that speeds are "up to" 2mbps instead of "actually" 2mbps, this happens a lot. As for the connection problems, if it's not a problem on their end with the line going into your house/modem, then potentially it's a misconfigured or malfunctioning modem. That's something your ISP should help you resolve.

    Regardless here are a few tips you can use to identify where the problem is. Eliminate as many variables as you can by reducing the amount of locations your internet connection has to hit. In this case, get rid of anything that sits between the modem and your computer such as routers or hubs. This will immediately tell you whether or not any of that middleman crap is to blame. If your internet is back to how it was previously then you know that it's not a problem with the ISP or your computer. However if you still have a problem then you'll need to troubleshoot further.

    The next step I would take would be to try multiple devices directly with the modem. Do all of them produce the same speeds? If any of them get what you're expecting then it's likely the computer itself has some kind of problem that's bottle necking your internet speeds. Otherwise it's likely the modem or something past the modem that's a problem, as at this point you know it's not your router and it's not your devices since the result is consistent when removing or altering those variables.

    Regarding WTFast, which I'm pretty sure is just a glorified proxy, you'll want to make sure it's not fucking with your internet settings in a way that causes these connection issues. I'm not sure how it hooks itself onto your existing internet connection, but I'd imagine it's either doing some bridging or altering the connection settings in some way. Either way that service routes all of your internet packets through it's network of VPNs in order to "improve" your ping, so right off the bat I would be suspicious of it being at least part of the cause. To that end, it's probably better to contact WTFast support about being unable to connect since an authentication error that only happens when connected to their proxy indicates to me that there's a problem with their service, which is something they'd be better at helping you with than us.

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