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Thread: RHG Community Suggestions

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    RHG Community Suggestions

    As the title states, this thread is purely for suggestions related to the RHG system (Clans, Characters, Battles) and what you as an RHGer or even someone interested in the system think could be improved in their regard.
    Recently I've noticed a lot of people who are unsatisfied with how RHG works as of right now, how similar/standard the gladiators are and how clans seem to be losing their touch,
    Well in an effort to keep such discussions out of clan pages and foster actual productivity instead of useless back and forth debate I encourage you bring any such complaints here so that they can be properly considered.
    I of course can't make any changes to the system myself but I shall act as a proxy for you guys and bring up anything that I see as a major/valid concern or suggestion for discussion

    As would be expected, any conversation not pertaining to RHG will not be tolerated, anyone that posts here without the intent to seriously suggest something or add on to an ongoing discussion will be infracted.
    Similarly, from this point on if I see discussion pertaining to this subject outside of this thread, you will be infracted, since I would like to keep clan pages and RHG pages clear of such clutter, thank you.

    Want to discuss StickPage in general? Go here!
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    Here's one. Just a tiny itty-bitty.


    I plan on making a thread sometime addressing what I feel makes a good, creative gladiator. Yes yes, shush about people doing what they feel best animating. You have to think about the person you're battling, too. People could get tired after fighting Speedy McElectricLongsword for the tenth time in a row. No, I don't expect everyone to read it, just people who want to have a guy or gal that others will adore and will be hella fun and creative to use. Yes yes, there are people who like to animate what they're comfortable with like electricity and speed, shush. This isn't for them. I don't care about them. They are all dead to me. I only care about those who care.

    Basic idea:

    A character is formed of a primary power- their main ability- a secondary power- something relating to the primary- and a physical enhancement- like armour, speed, strength. Imagine how creative you can get with this. I'd be posting tons of examples but that's for the thread I'll eventually make, as well as a boatload of weapon ideas. And it balances itself, if you follow my ideas for weaknesses somewhere down below.

    Ranting time:

    I'm tired of seeing people do multiple things for multiple outcomes. Why not have one ability that can be creatively used to deal with multiple things, instead of having one spell/power/whatever to deal with each individually?

    Also I dislike detailed weapons because consistant artstyles but what are you gonna do. people are just gonna keep doing what they think is k00l in regards to weapons.

    But pls calm down on the weird warped swords and think more of original powers? or original twists on cliché powers. There are a near-endless supply of different weapons out there, why do you have to make some edgy original shite!? There's whip-swords, katars, greatmaces, chakrams, and so many types of gun that your mind will be boggled at them.

    Also, being human. I've had my say in this many times. YOUR CHARACTER IS ASSUMED TO BE HUMAN. Mine isn't human, and you know what? I SAY IT. Every goddamn character that struts through the door is going to be human unless stated otherwise, so if your weakness list consists soley of "hes human lol" please find a cactus and shove it up your smallest orifice.

    Weaknesses, too. There's a difference between a weakness and a limit. EXAMPLE TIME: A guy with a revolver. The limit: Six shots. The weakness: easily slapped out of his hand. You can take it from him and kill him with it easily. See the difference? The limit is still a power. It's limited to six shots but they still can kill. A weakness is something that works around that, something that renders it useless, something that makes the character actuall vulnerable.
    Edit on this part since people are dumdums: I'm not saying remove limits. I'm saying have weaknesses. I see too many characters that are "Being Human" alongside a bunch of limits. Limits belong more in the Abilities section, too.

    So those are a few of my things. Biggest suggestion? Standards. Or at least some people who actually want to make gladiators better instead of being all "nice RHG" and enabling something that's utterly bullshittingly overdone. I'm not asking you to lock threads of people who are doing the same thing others have done hundreds of times, oh no. That'd be pretty hitler. I'm asking to put up a thread somewhere that would address creativity for some who care, something that could possibly up the character standards.
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    All i want is some kind of matchmaking system that will match me vs guy of my skill or at least similar skill, also for the clans i dont like whole idea of it...closed grope that shares no help with anyone is not really good for new people who just got into animating, i asking bunch of questions for help and advice and i get it very few times, also commeting on other people rhg and saying "What a cool rhg i wish you luck in the next battles bla bla bal" is also kinda getting anoying we have visitors msg for that or the irc, also you guys need to make a way to making battle vs another rhg is more easy to ask and respond to it, over private msg is a just a pain and visitor msg most of the time does not leave notification...that is my overall opinion.
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    So you linked us here, but didn't bother to paste the very fruitful conversation me and mark were having about clans. I think the frontpage would benefit knowing a little about it.

    tl;dr, There should be a regulatory method for keeping Clans around. They have to be producing a certain output in the duration that a Clan first starts, just to show that they are a legit clan. There should also be pre-requisites for starting a Clan, mainly that you have a few battles under your belt or have an animation output equivalent to show for.

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    skill cap before anyone creating a clan or an rhg. that is the only thing that irritates me.

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    I feel like people should have the right to create what they want without being harassed or insulted for it. maybe there should be a rule or something and people that are posting just to say ''this rhg is generic, it sucks alpaca balls'' could get infracted depending on the gravity of what they said.
    Also, maybe there could be more clan events? What I mean by that is, I recently realized that there was events in the official clan announcement section thingy and I find it really interesting.... only problem being, it is really innactive.
    Other then that, RHG are great.

    Spoiler for Links:

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    Honestly RHGT would have been fun but it died way too quickly, even clans now-a-days are loosing there gusto. Maybe implementing some type of king of the hill system with benefits would revive clans to be a more active section. RHGT died in my opinion because it was ahead of its time but a simpler monopoly type concept may adhere to the general public of RHG. Clans are registered into a system as with the ID cards. A list is kept of all the registered clans who are given a set # of points.They are then susseptable to enter clan tournaments separated by section (Noth tournament, south tournament etc.... Each tournament will pit member vs member one on one for two week periods. Overall clan scores decide who moves on. Although the final round would be a collaborative battle each clan submitting one animation from the whole group of that group vs the other. Winner of the final round can either win a prize, get the anim featured w/e. Now for where the points come into play, they are earned by outside battles between members and are used to buy special slots into the tournament for example 50 points to skip round one. The cards can set the worth of each member in with accordance to the clan. Leaders worth 20, co-leaders 10 and members 5. Idk just an idea


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    Quote Originally Posted by generalZ View Post
    I feel like people should have the right to create what they want without being harassed or insulted for it. maybe there should be a rule or something and people that are posting just to say ''this rhg is generic, it sucks alpaca balls'' could get infracted depending on the gravity of what they said.
    There already is a rule against that.

    Its your faults for not reporting it properly if you're still seeing shit like that happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by quinsilva View Post
    Honestly RHGT would have been fun but it died way too quickly,
    Strictly speaking, RHGT died because stone has to take care of his kid.

    Longterm speaking, RHGT died because it needed alot of moving parts to work and as soon as the main cog ceased to function, the rest of the gears fell into disrepair.
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    Been waiting for something like this by a long time
    Or better, been waiting for a Nish-like-posts proof thread by a long time
    Anyway, my thoughts about this

    RHG Characters

    From what I read, the general opinion I got here about RHGs is about 3 main problems:
    -Too many complicated RHGs
    -Too many overused themes
    -Too many low-level (we could say) RHGs

    I'm gonna go 1 at the time
    Except the weakness parts, which I'm gonna say something about it here. By taking back something Hewitt once wrote (or so I think), making a "Weakness must be as much relevant/powerful as the Powers/Abilities" rule should solve it

    Too many complicated RHGs

    Basically, an RHG character info is meant so that it can be found interesting and entertaining by others and most importantly it's something the one who made it likes it in the first place. However, one thing that many noticed is that when people make one they automatically go into a weird phase that I think it can be summarized in this way
    Got a problem?
    Don't solve it
    Just smash the most you can on it so that he truly becomes undefeatable

    Briefly, when people generally make their character and notice something that, by logic thinking, should overpower it, instead of rethinking their character, modifying him a little or simply accepting that kind of weakness, they start adding, adding and adding, to the point that he has so many things that resembles a shounen manga/anime protagonist (some of the most hideous bastards around)
    On this point, I think that maybe WafflesMgee's idea might be good (about giving them limited powers (a main and a secondary)), though I think it must be worked on, since (1) I can't think how should the 2 differentiate each other (2) I don't think that the "physical" thing should be made (since animation is about movement (let's not forget that))(and even so, everyone will get speed anyways) (3) limiting people choices might hinder them into making a good RHG (I mean, Anubis' character sas a lot of things, but he's quite cool I guess)(this is connected to the "execution" factor (a theme is interesting depending on how people execute it))

    Too many overused themes

    About this one, I don't think there is actually an answer: I know that many people always use the same things over and over again, but it's not like you can tell them to not do that (you can limit the number of options on a character, but not what should those options be about, since otherwise it's like you're the one making RHGs for others)
    The only thing I can think about this "problem" is that it is selfadjustable: overused themes don't bring people over (since they're not original), thus possibly motivating people to rethink the themes. Also, let's remember that the "execution" factor works here too

    -Too many "low-level" RHGs
    Don't have much to say about this: I don't think that a "required animation level" is a good thing, since everyone should be free when making their RHG (not clans though and on this point I'm gonna specify about what I mean after this). However, I highly suggest to make something like a "refer system".
    Basically, my idea was about adding a new rule: before making a RHG page, you must pm it to the RHG moderators for approval. If the format is correct, they give you the permission to post it. With this, I think we can cover 3 points
    -Stopping incorrect RHG pages from being made
    -Making people interact with moderators so that they don't follow a "easy path" (I mean, they don't simply go and make their RHG to be "cool", but take in consideration the necessary work there is related to it)
    -Giving advices to those who are making the RHG. These advices should be totally facultative, so that people are not forced to follow them when making their RHG (if they want to follow them, it's their choice)
    Obviously, with this I don't mean "low level" RHGs shouldn't be made (since everybody starts from somewhere and this can be an experience too for them to keep growing). However, I do mean about making something that controls their making a little more

    Last point: penalties

    One thing that I think should be implemented is penalties: people do not abide to rules mainly because there are no penalties when they do not fulfill something (changing characters too many times (meaning they do not think properly when making one), forfeiting matches, ecc.)
    Thus, I think that introducing a little more checking about RHG activities and penalties regarding some things might be a good idea
    About the kind of penalties, I'm gonna post them later

    About RHG Clanes, I'm gonna post them another time because otherwise I might make something that nobody will ever read since this already is quite long to read (also, I need more time about this other topic)
    With it, I'm gonna write also the other part about penalties
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    DiPi, maybe I should explain upon my thing further.

    The primary ability would be the character's main thing. It could be flying, it could be a howitzer-head hammer, it could be telekinesis. This is the guy's special thing. My character? Arm summoning.

    The second ability would be something to compliment the first. If your primary is wings, it could be a plain sword. If you have a big-ass shotgun-gauntlet on your right hand, your secondary could be a pistol for your left. Way I see it, if your character somehow got something special, chances are it's gonna be the one thing. The secondary thing is just something to compliment it. My character? able to manipulate darkness a little bit to hide his big self.

    The physical enhancement is for the character themself. They may have armour, they may be swole, may have mad stamina, they may have good reflexes. This is only because characters are bound to get into some melee fights, and the thing about 'being human' is that people are fragile sacks of blood and bones. You'll need something to counter that. My character? He's big and durable as fuck. He's also not human so that's a big change in physiology.

    If you give them a primary that's an original twist on a cliche thing, you could give them a sexy secondary to compliment it and the physical thing to give them a chance in battle.
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