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Thread: The Music Thread

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    Guys, I am making time-lapse videos for my youtube channel and now many of them are claimed because of the more strict copyright policy youtube started this summer. I deleted all the videos where I used music which belongs to someone but now I am a bit stuck with the whole thing. I mean, how can the problem be solved? If I want to use a certain track, maybe it's possible to trick the system somehow? By changing the pitch or the speed a little bit.

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    Guys, I have a very urgent question. Does anyone know what is that greatly nice song Zoe is singing at the beginning of Dear Evan Hansen show? It sticks in my head and I've been searching on but haven't found this information. Please help!

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    You don't have to be Korean to like Korean culture. Korean culture is dynamic; it captures, there is something for everyone. Today, one of the leaders in the music genre is a “boy band” called BTS. Each year, about a hundred K-pop genres, including women, make their debut in South Korea. American fans are fascinated by one of them, Girls ’Generation. This is the first female K-pop band with five songs to score over 100 million views on YouTube -

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    I am the big fan of Arijit Singh in India. I love to hear his songs.

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