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Thread: Eyedentify [Forum Game] - Answers Revealed!

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    Eyedentify [Forum Game] - Answers Revealed!

    This is a fairly simple game, I will post a collection of eyes from various cartoon and anime characters (12 at a time), and your job is guess who it is, based on just their eyes.


    -All Answers must be placed in spoilers. Other people will be taking part, otherwise I'll just ignore your answers.

    -When you do take your guess, please use this format:

    1. ___
    2. ___
    3. ___
    4. ___
    5. ___
    6. ___
    7. ___
    8. ___
    9. ___
    10. ___
    11. ___
    12. ___

    -As well as the character (you must give the characters name or else you don't get it, just saying what they are from does not count), please give their full name is possible, and name the show, movie or franchise they are from (It can just be one if they have appeared in more than one).
    (Example, if I guessed Homer from the Simpsons, I would say Homer Simpson - The Simpsons)
    -If you don't guess all of them, don't delete any of them, just leave them blank. It's easier to skim through them all. (although you can guess each round separately if you want to.)

    When someone guesses the right answer, I'll post it up here and the first person to get it right will also be posted here.

    And with that, let's begin.

    Spoiler for Round One:

    Spoiler for Round Two:

    Spoiler for Round Three:

    Spoiler for Round Four:

    Spoiler for Round Five:

    Spoiler for Scoreboard:

    Spoiler for All Answers Revealed:

    Thanks to everyone who took part!
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    Spoiler for guesses:

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    Spoiler for Answers yo:

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    Spoiler for Mah guesses:

    I should probably try and find something interesting to put in here...

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    Spoiler for Guess:

    I could only figure out one of them.
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    Spoiler for Guesses:
    I'm Inactive on Stickpage.

    Spoiler for mEmEs:

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    Preserve it's [|spoiler= Put whatever here you want] Blah blah blah [/spoiler]

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    Spoiler for guesses yo:
    Quote Originally Posted by Not_Nish View Post
    Because Caelo is like an episode if House. She follows a structure.

    Arrive in style ----> Demand attention ---> Get too much attention ---> Waves off attention like she never demanded it ---> Notices attention flagging ---> Demands more attention ---> Gets more attention ---> Leaves.

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    Spoiler for Guesses~:

    Akh, I feel like I ever saw the 5th eyes but I forgot where D:

    DeviantART |RHG - Battle #1 done | osu!
    Spoiler for I got stamped as SP's Official Counter. Yay?:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Person McPerson View Post
    edited for formatting

    Nice job copy pasting what exilement posted, bruv

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