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Thread: Recommended reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by merich1 View Post
    Mistborn trilogy, and Alloy of Law too, by Brandon Sanderson?

    Surprised it has gone unmentioned, Sanderson's books are pure gold.
    Heck yeah!
    Jumping on the Sanderson hype train, I'd like to recommend the Stormlight Archive series.

    (Coming "soon")

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    Idk, but it's over the rainbow and beyond the sea, AKA that Narnia place (hah, no, did you think?).
    Okay, quick question. How are Rick Riordan's books not on here. Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and even Magnus Chase are legends. In my opinion anyway.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Iroh
    "Follow your passion, and life will reward you." ~Iroh
    It was one bloody hell of a good time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconX578 View Post
    Okay, quick question. How are Rick Riordan's books not on here. Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and even Magnus Chase are legends. In my opinion anyway.
    Rick's shown up here a few times now:

    Quote Originally Posted by Satyr View Post
    So, um...

    The Lightning Thief
    The Sea of Monsters
    The Titan's Curse
    The Battle of The Labyrinth (Coming Soon)

    The series is called Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

    All by Rick Riordan
    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Murphy View Post
    What about Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan? It has 4 books already!
    But don't panic, this isn't the first time this has happened. I know Watchmen got mentioned two or three times despite it being on the OP, saw a couple mentions for Eragon / the Inheritance series, two for Terry Pratchett's works, and so on. People have gone on to nominate a good amount of the same few books and there's not a whole lot to be done to stop them.

    For future reference though, for anyone interested and new to this whole thing, the 'Search Thread' tool up at the top right corner is pretty helpful for checking to see what titles have been posted before you make a recommendation, or for any readers out there, a good way to keep from checking out the same book twice if your goal's just to read down the line. No one's making you, but just a tip.

    Also hey guys, this thread's active again. If anyone wants to post some more books, there's no better time than the present. I'd recommend the Hellblazer series for starters -- that's the John Constantine character's Vertigo series. I'd name authors and artists but I recall it having gone through several. But to my knowledge, it's one of the longest ongoing series' in which the characters were allowed to age in real time, or as close as you can really get to it in a graphic novel. I'll be on Volume 4 once I can get my hands on a copy of it and I'm liking it a lot so far; volume 2's a favorite of mine. There are some mature themes in there though, so it's not something I'd hand over to a minor.

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    I suggest the Inkworld Series - Cornelia Funke and the Tunnels Series - Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

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    I really enjoyed Becky Chambers' Wayfarer series. They're set in a future where humanity's made it into an alien galaxy by the skin of their teeth and has had a couple of generations to settle in. Each book is with a different cast of characters with loose connections to the ones from previous books. There are some solid characters and some impressive world-building in every book that I really enjoyed. Chambers has a way of staying true to the title of the book with no real deviations (ie; "The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet" is exactly what it sounds like) while managing to both keep the dull moments that would come with that interesting, and throwing in just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing in regards to the core plot of the book. Would highly recommend this series.

    Aside from that all I've been reading lately are like self-help books and comics. Vern was recommending "The Art of Dramatic Writing," by Lajos Egri to people, which I haven't read yet, but he's been carrying on about it to the point where I most likely will. Seems like something else worth reading to me.

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    I for sure thought I'd already recommended the one book I read in the past several years. Huh.

    If you're familiar with Cracked, Chris Bucholz is the guy who wrote all fake apologies, notes and shit, and also this book. It's about a generational ship (A spaceship on a journey so long all the initial inhabitants will be long dead and it will be another generation arriving at the destination, to those unfamiliar), a couple engineers who enjoy theft and shenanigans, a doctor from the past (in the past), a murder, and the conspiracy that it leads to. Most importantly though, it's hilarious depending on your sense of humor.

    Spoiler for Severance Excerpt:
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