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Thread: Recommended reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Pwn3d Jo0 View Post
    I shall say that Hitler was very intelligent and would love to see how history would have played out if he was around for 3 years longer only because he was expected to get to the moon in 1949 and his designs for landing on the moon where we did the shuttle and moon lander was his original idea... If we didn't take his scientists and blueprints for space America would have lost the space race

    Also America is becoming shit and I am leaving once I finish college

    Book wise now
    Eragon- it's really long but so worth reading, that book has its slow parts but when it picks up it is amazing and time passes by without realizing it
    Lord of the flies-okay that was so so... I mean all it really shows is how humans really are and that we are the real monster that we fear
    The Giver-okay not going to lie on this I only read like half the book because we were suppose to read it in 7th grade but it decent... There is another book that has the givers main character years later in a village with the baby he took with but many years later but it follows someone else and it was worth reading

    Now for a book series I'll recommend
    Halo- now it's not what you think... Halo doesn't follow the master chief around only the second book the flood does and it is just Halo one but gives more details... But Halo books are great the beginning is slow but they great and they are descriptive... The forerunner books are best ones in my opinion because they explain how this great race fell and how the humans and the Covent were allies long ago
    Hatchet- I haven't seen that book in years but I still remember it and it is a shorter book, there is a second book but it isn't as good, plus the second book you don't have to read... But Hatchet is about a boy going to visit his father in Canada and his mom gives him a hatchet to take with and the pilot dies during flight and the boy survives the plane crash (hurt badly at first) and has to survive with only what's on him and his hatchet hence where the name of the book comes from
    Indeed, Hitler was. But he did have hundreds of scientists working for him, so yeah...

    My Opinions on books mentioned:
    Eragon: Written by a kid and it shows. Couldn't get past the first few chapters at all. 1st book is great, 2nd is okay, 3rd and 4th is boring as hell.
    Lord of the Flies: One of the best literary works ever. Capturing the true nature of humans within the most raw element and completely applicable to every day life. The book now and not the movie. The movie is horrid.
    The Giver: Never read it.

    Halo: Fan Fiction
    Hatchet: Never read it.

    OKAY! My suggestions to this interesting thread.

    The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. - Long, descriptive, deep. Action is here and there, but it is a world I would love to be part of and is so imaginative I love it. Only on book 8 out of 14.
    A song of fire and ice by George R.R. Martin. - The Game of Thrones books. Say what you want, but this is actually good. The TV series doesn't actually cover most of the awesomeness of this series.
    Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. - Read it as a teen and would recommend it to everyone. Will leave you laughing for days.

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    War of The Worlds by H.G Wells is a good one.
    Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Colins is also a good one.

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    Mistborn trilogy, and Alloy of Law too, by Brandon Sanderson?

    Surprised it has gone unmentioned, Sanderson's books are pure gold.
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    I recommend The Sword of Truth.

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    These are love stories (be warned):
    Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
    The Fault In Our Star by John Green
    Abundance of Katherines by John Green
    Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

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    The spaces left behind by lightning before a thunder clap.
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Ken Kesey
    Hop-Frog, The Black Cat, Edgar Allan Poe
    Eyes Like Stars
    The Pet Semetary, Steven King
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    The autobiography of Malcom X
    The Catcher in the Rye
    Native Son
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    The Giver
    A Separate Peace
    Of Mice and Men
    anything by Jiddu Krishnamurti
    Rachel's Tears
    Strength To Love
    Farenheit 451
    Lord of The Flies

    are all my favorite books.

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    The Last Angel
    The prologue is directly under the table of contents.
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    I suggest these ones:
    Dorothy Must Die | The Wicked Will Rise

    Spoiler for :

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    Hmmm, just saw this thread, gotta say I like reading, so here's my suggestions:

    The Pendragon Series by DJ Machale: A friend got me to read these (There's ten of 'em) and I really like them. They're mainly fantasy with touches of science fiction here and there, and a good plot to boot. Definitely at least worth reading the first one in my opinion.

    Anything by R.A. Salvatore: I've heard a lot about this author from people I hang out with, I can't suggest just one, because the guy's written like, over thirty books in his series, all of which I hear are pretty good. So I'd recommend checking these out.
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