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Thread: Advice please

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    So trust me I know my own grade

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    You didn't explain anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletonxf View Post
    Some days I feel like I'm 2.1k and other days more like 1.9k.

    It happens.

    Concentration level dependent usually.
    Usually people have around 200 gap in rating, anymore and you are like two different people
    I expect nothing and I am still disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WyzDM View Post
    Make castle airs one shot swords or crawlers, it won't matter.
    Quote Originally Posted by spino View Post
    Beta, theta, meta, then of course eta.
    Now explain what you mean by saying the real question is the eta
    Quote Originally Posted by lewislewis View Post
    I am in the 1600-2000 skill level

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewislewis View Post

    Can you use Medusa and Marrowkias together?
    Yes you are very capable of doing so.
    Quote Originally Posted by AsePlayer View Post
    Didn't CJ say
    Quote Originally Posted by Nyarlathotep View Post
    Damn your jaw must be pretty sore
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    I mean is it a good comination?
    is it better than two medusas?
    to marrowkia?

    you know the bishop pair in chess? is it like that?

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    Its exactly like chess... Well... Aside from no board... Or knights... Or rooks.... Or king and queen... And no specific movement pattern for any unit as an individual... And its play being completely different but yeah I guess its the same.
    Starting a thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hey look a train! View Post
    were gunna be great partners in crime heh heh heh
    Quote Originally Posted by RedSavage View Post
    I'll teach you how to double clutch~
    You! You're like one of those jokes where it's all like "Katniss, bring the ring to mordor or the enterprise will win", showing a picture of Dumbledore, and it says "~Gandalf"

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