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Thread: Friday Funk #23: Opposites

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    Where Night and Day hold hands with each other

    Friday Funk #23: Opposites

    Come one, come all! Welcome back to the Friday Funk, the thread for all your writing needs!

    You guys thought I forgot about this? Hah! Not at all darlings, it's just been a busy few months for me and I needed a bit to rest my brain from prompts. I'm rolling this back to its original schedule and I hope you guys enjoy!

    What is this thread, you ask? Why, let me you!

    The Friday Funk, a weekly activity where I post either a word, a phrase, a theme or an established setting.

    Your job is to write a story about it and post what you got on this thread, of course remember to put it in a spoiler to avoid long posts and if you haven't finished your piece and it's past the due date, well it doesn't really matter!

    The thing is that the due date is here to motivate you to finish the story, in truth anyone can do any past FF any time they please.
    Now that you know, why don't you look down to have a peek?

    Spoiler for Two sides:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

    Until next week, good luck and have fun~!

    And if anyone has any idea for a Friday Funk prompt then go ahead and shoot me a private message!

    Gosh, it's nice to post these again~
    > w <

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    Acute, does it have to be a story or can it be any form of writing (poem, haiku, essay, freeflow etc.) ?
    Spoiler for Random Charry Ownage #17:

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    Where Night and Day hold hands with each other
    At this point I'm not fussy about it~you can write it in any way you wish, so yes~
    o w o

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    I know it's late and short, but it still felt worth writing when the idea popped up.

    Although the room was packed to the brim, when their eyes met, they didn’t stray. The music dominating the airwaves seemed to fade out to Victor as he stared at the man before him. He had a body like a Greek god, proudly on display as though he’d apparently left his shirt at home before attending the party. His abdomen was sculpted like a statue and just about as hard while his muscular arms rested crossed over it. He had a little bit of hair on his chest but his body at large was shaped like a ‘v’.

    His head however, was a better fit for an action hero. With a chin square enough for a math test and those deep green eyes, he doubted there was a better looking man in the whole city. His complexion was clean and features symmetrical, but it didn’t matter how many people were checking him out because the whole time Victor stared at him, he stared right back.

    As subtly as he could, Victor flexed his muscles, bulging them beyond their already impressive size. Sharing a hearty laugh, they men exchanged a wink as another dou walked up from behind, from their right and left perspectively. Only when the newcomer’s hand touched their shoulders did they finally break eye contact.

    “Vic?” Although the man by his side was fit himself, beside Victor he looked absolutely fragile by comparison. Fully clothed and with an uncomfortable smile plastered on his face, he awaited his friend to look at him fully.


    “Please tell me you’re not this,” His finger extended to the mirror before them, “In love with yourself.”

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