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Thread: D I T H R I U M

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    D I T H R I U M

    Age : 18
    Gender : Male
    Weapon of choice : Vacuum absorbing Mace
    Clothing : Scarf
    Clan : Slaughterous
    Position : Leader
    Skin Color : #CCCC
    Scarf Color : #8AFFD0
    Tribal Tatoo Color : #66FFFF
    Eye Color : #88C488

    - By contracting his muscles and inhaling oxygen to release vacuum, Dithrium can create great pulling and pushing forces. He can therefore push himself off the ground to jump higher, pull and release, pull objects towards him, take steps on the air with vacuum pressure and create projectile repelling vacuum fields. Also he can pull in oxygen on his skin to prevent it from catching fire.

    - He has a flawless eye sight.

    - His weapon of choice is a mace created from extremely durable iron, that has an absorbing emerald inside it. When holding this weapon, Dithrium is capable of controlling his powers better.

    Spoiler for Mace of Neptune:

    - He's very weak in water or in places where he has to hold his breath, because he needs to inhale to use his powers.

    - Apart from his mace, he gains extreme strength, but it lasts for a short duration and he can hardly breath without it, and can black out or die.

    - His mace is weak against shields, and he needs to react very quickly to defend himself against bullets.

    - Hits on the stomach can cause him to loose breath, and make him completely useless for a while.

    Decades ago, in a small village located on the east of Riya, a powerful warrior named Servius was born. Upon reaching the age of 18, he realized of his incredible powers, and not being able to control them, he burned down most of the village area and took many lives. With the strength of the clans from that area, he was banished, and it was told, that every male from his bloodline must be banished as well upon reaching adulthood, to prevent a disaster like this from ever happening again.

    And so it was...

    Years later, as a fifth child of the Servius bloodline, Dithrium was born. He understood his powers at a very young age, better than any other of his ancestors. With the help of his master, Mar, and his jewelcrafter friend, Emerald, he was able to create a absorber so powerful, it could hold his great vacuum powers whenever he held it close... That was his mace. However, this wasn't enough to convince the village council that he is harmless for them, and they proceeded the tradition of banishment on his 18th birthday. He displayed excelent power control and defeated them in a fight, but feeling betrayed, he left the village anyway.

    And so it was, that he went on a great journey, to travel alongside his Master Mar and his childhood friend Ikarhan.
    From here on, Dithrium is included in wars, fights, great lessons, and perhaps, he will one day be able to return to his village as a new man.

    - Let's not waste our time with him/ her/ this ...
    (As mentioned in the demo.)

    - Servius is a tragic hero, from my perspective.

    - Farewell, Riya. When I'm back, your people will be at my feet.

    - He has two tribal marks on both of his eyes that are unique to his bloodline.
    - He has a tendency of closing his eyes for a couple of seconds when thinking, this may be caused by some experiences during his power control training.
    - He grew up with his master, Mar, and one of his other friends, Ikarhan, as his mother died during a war battle and his father was banished long ago.
    - He was brought to Mar's home covered with his scarf as a blanket.
    - The gem he uses was crafted by his friend, Emerald.
    - He was named after a rare metal, one of the toughest out there.

    Dithrium is extremely calm and emotionless. He barely displays any care for the situations he is in. He seems to have convinced himself that he is more efficient when released of all emotions, and that is how he is. He, however, doesn't hesitate to display surprise when outsmarted by anyone else. He is pretty cold and displays no mercy as well. He believes that the strongest will always survive, no matter what he does.

    None yet.


    Barthimo1 - Scenario : Student overcomes the teacher.
    Ikarhan - When I baguette on your level... Or you baguette on mine?
    Ipman - When you're up for it, I will be.
    Kursura - When I have enough battles to be able to confidently challenge you.
    Stracked - If you're interested, I'll consider it.
    xRagex - As soon as your RHG#1 is done.
    DaveMegalol - I feel a lot of rivalry looking at you. I have a lot to prove to myself by battling you.
    Lev - You're getting good, so I'll be ready for you soon.
    RaginDXDemon - You got a lot better, so.. yeah.

    Spoiler for by Afterlog:

    Spoiler for by Zexo0:


    Note* : I had to rush to make this thread, I'll update it fully very soon.
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    YEAH! You finally put it up! Nice demo and a good character. Creative abilities and a nice and short backstory. Good luck with future battles, young warrior.
    Only I remain.

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    FIRST! epicccccccc rhg man GL in ur future battles!

    Barthimo! you just ninja'd me
    Quote Originally Posted by DrBreadgun View Post
    Ur RHG is bad.

    Kill urself ryan ur rhg will fal on et"s own swrd.\

    My buttsack cun animeme betr than tht

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    hitlist me. >:U once...i have a character and finish my fight thing lol

    and good character meng. i forgot to write this since i kinda already wrote this in skype lol
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    Nai nai nai Let me3 be the first on that hitlist... fite me someday m80 >:3
    (i luv him)

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    Awesome I like this character a lot. Well constructed and interesting abilities. Nice demo too. Good luck with your future battles.
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    Well, well, would you look at that. I'm hitlisted. It would be an honor to fight you someday.
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    your fan art says differently

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    A man isnt allowed to have sexy eyelashes?

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    No, because then they're gay
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