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Thread: Join the SAC - Animate and Make Games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Seagull View Post
    I know this may seem like a really stupid question, but what's IRC? I never really knew what it was.
    maybe its bit rude to awnser this way but you could just look it up on google?
    anyway that is irc, get some software to run it and connect in room that stone said and you are good to go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HintHunter View Post
    maybe its bit rude to awnser this way but you could just look it up on google?
    anyway that is irc, get some software to run it and connect in room that stone said and you are good to go?
    Oh ok. Thanks dude. my computer doesn't go on the internet anyway so i can't go on there. unless I go on it at school.
    Quote Originally Posted by Externus View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    I think that wasn't the issue, the issue was your time zone. We are all on our IRC / skype. Aside from trello and that we generally hold weekly meetings which you also couldn't appear for because of school or timezone issues. HOWEVER, we definitely encourage all peeps to join / rejoin if they have the time to dedicate.

    All others who are interested, go to our IRC #SAC and camp out if I'm not there. Im trying to work nights now so my day time responses are more limited. Which, might help those with varying time zones in alll actuality.
    Hmmm, you're right. I think those meetings were like, 3 AM in my timezone. I couldn't possibly stay late at night, especially when class was going on. A month from now, I'll be a college student, and I'm taking up a medical course, therefore it would be a lot harder then. I was able to help out with the Five Nights at Freddy tribute since it's summer right now.

    I actually have to make a continuation of Scribblenauts Unlimited: Rescuing Stickpage, my game tribute animation. I paused the progress to help with the game since I never got to help with SAC in its gaming endeavors and I thought it would be a new experience. The animation's going well, when I finish it, I'm gonna "try" to get it sponsored hahaha. So yeah, since I'll be a college student, I will have like, an hour or half, dedicated to animation each day. It would have been nice to rejoin, but being a member of something so important and enthralling... my timezone just doesn't support it...

    Sorry for my past inactivity stone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLasmaghost View Post
    we would definitely love to have you PL!
    and @fordz, no worries bud! Do what you got to do

    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    Why do you care?
    [/I] OOOH OOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO JOIN PLEASE! PLEASE!
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    I've been previously doing some story plots, usually fantasized. I have no sense on doing scripting or stuff. But I'll try my best. I'm trying on the Game Development.

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    Do you have to be a certain age for this group, and do you have to meet somewhere to talk about game devolpment and updates and stuff? beacause im only 11, but im really into animation, I make short little minecraft animations, but no stick animations yet. But, I would like to be a Beta-game tester, and I could have suggestions for games and stuff.

    want to see my best minecraft animation? go to:

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreeperGav View Post
    im only 11, but im really into animation

    I'm sorry, I don't want to push away eager and willing talent with the humility to accept but...this forum has rules bound by LAW.
    v (not my thing but please read) v

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