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Thread: How do I make weapons for my RHG?

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    How do I make weapons for my RHG?

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    Making weapons on pivot is slightly difficult. Basically, you have to make them in the pivot stk creator, which can be found through file>Create New Stick

    However, you can go to to download some premade stks.
    Some good Pivoteers may be willing to make one for you. Maybe.

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    I'm to stupid to remember
    Or I better way of getting a more detailed is by looking for the weapon shops
    They can personally create you a weapon based on your explanation
    This is where a got all three of my weapons
    EDIT: You can use the weapon as a sprite in pivot

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    I'd rather make my own weapon instead of using pre-made weapon stks but if you want one you can PM me and give me details
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    If you want your RHG to be unique, you will need to make your weapon by yourself. Go visit the Resources section of the forum, find a shop with a Pivot Blacksmith and ask him if he is willing to teach you his ways with the STK Maker.
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