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Thread: Blade Mercenaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haru View Post
    4 Months have past, and we are back.

    Nice! Good to hear from y'all. Hey but out of curiosity, if y'all have it worked out yet, what time is it when all of this is happening? Like in-universe, is it around like January, February, March- or are we in November of last year still? Asking cause I know the last thing I... really... posted was dated January 1st, I have a few stories set in December (2016) in the works, and I'm only really in the planning stages for February, March, and so on at this point, and I'm just trying to get an idea of where like the Nehushtan and Moirai storylines would be in relation to some of the Blade Mercs and Night Creatures stuff, for example, chronologically.

    Cheers and good luck!

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    Well I would think it would be set a few days or weeks after Riley's fight with Dozer. That was back on January 5th, and they would have searched for quite a while.

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