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Thread: RHG - Red Ninja [Update]

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbrownca View Post
    it's... it's single edged

    Also I'm pretty sure he just drew that real quick.
    Speaking of that, your sword is almost done and you should try and improve your demo when it is
    if you're talking to me, I'm not referring to the Red Ninja's weapon. If you check out my RHG page, the weapon used by one of those guys - the blue one with a greyish body? Preety similar if you ask me. xD lol
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    Yeah i had an update

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    Add me to that hit list!!

    we both teleport, and use a weapon so why not?

    Spoiler for Support:

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    Sure i will add you

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    Red Ninja... I have a confession to make. After months of searching and experimenting... I cannot figure out weapons in pivot. At least nothing better than the average lines. I see you made one yourself in my absence but nevetheless I am sorry to say, I have failed you.
    You should go to RATHE
    for all your weapon needs
    (it's not advertisement I swear)
    Other stuff you should also check out
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    That's ok you do make awesome swords though

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    Got that update

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    Awesome GL on your future battles m8

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    New demo

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    doodle fucking hoo.
    Yeah. I might challenge someday. And don't expect It to be a hard battle since I'm starting to use Macromedia flash 8.
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