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Thread: Ken The Elemental Prodigy

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    Ken The Elemental Prodigy



    Weapons: Katana,Ninja Stars,Kunai


    Ability to heal from any attack except the Kong Lun(an ancient radioactive lightning dagger)
    Ability to change forms
    Regenerative body parts

    Ken was once your normal playful teen, He loves fighting and chilling with friends until the day his grandfather was killed by a evil dude named ALPHA who took over his grandfathers academy called the league of ELEMENTS. So after inheriting his grandfathers powers, He left his village with his friends Kim and Kai, and set off to avenge his grandfathers death. After defeating Jon, He set his friends back to the village after Kai got injured. After which he set off to take out Xternal the second in command, After facing X but almost be killed he set off for alpha with a new form, but that was not enough to kill ALPHA, almost dying he upgraded form took ut ALPHA and became the new master for the league of ELEMENTS.

    Ken never quits
    He loves pushing himself beyond his limits
    Ken loves fighting
    His best friends are Kai and Kim

    Ken's common saying:
    ''As long as my heart is still beating,I'll never quit''
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