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Thread: SP Btooom! | Game Over. Thanks for playing everyone :/

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    SP Btooom! | Game Over. Thanks for playing everyone :/

    "Our space colony experiment was a failure," the Executive grimly reported, much to the Board of Director's consternation. His face red with embarrassment, having drawn the shortest straw and had the unlucky duty of telling it to their CEO. His boss could only mumble incessantly as a screen appeared from behind at the press of a button.

    "Those rebels were unpredictable variables; they never would have stood to the Balsam Scale anyway. In any event, our prototype has reached its sixty-third iteration. Hopefully we can get this done in time before the next shareholder's meeting." The screen zoomed in on what appeared to be a serene tropical island.

    And its inhabitants had just begun emerging from their slumber...

    SP Btooom!
    Open Beta ver. 0.63

    This is a forum game version of Btooom!, an ongoing manga/anime series about a group of people trapped on an island by a ruthless corporation, forced into beta testing a deadly MMO. With their lives. Armed with a various state-of-the-art devices called BIMs, players will have the opportunity to tactically or aggressively hunt each other down until a winner is decided. To those who can't be bothered to read about it, this game is essentially "Battle Royale with Bombs". Players will be dropped into a grid-like map whereby they will scramble for dominance and survival. Whereas the game itself is as easy as "move and attack", there will be a variety of secrets and explorables all over the island itself. You might even discover a thing or two about the game...

    Note: This forum game will try to simulate the manga as closely as possible, but will by no means copy every mechanic exactly. Do not think that by reading the manga you have some kind of advantage or handicap to the situation.

    How Do I Win
    Contrary to the premise, this is NOT a Last Man Standing affair. Let me explain: Every player has a tiny gem grafted to their right hand to confirm their identity. This gem pops out once the player is confirmed to be deceased. In order to win Btooom!, you must acquire a requisite number of gems (decided according to the number of players) and head for the Extraction Point. So technically, forming alliances is possible as more than 1 player can easily be extracted. Question is, how long will you gather gems together before the paranoia sets in and you betray each other for double the gems.

    How to Play
    1) Each player will begin with a number of HealthPoints (HP). Max HP is decided after signups as it depends on the number of players. Once HP goes to 0, that person is considered dead. Unless otherwise specified, an attack will always do 1 full pt of damage.

    2) The players can acquire more BIM types along the way, but those will be limited in number. By default, players will begin with an unlimited amount of the ff BIMs:
    - The Cracker BIM is your average circular throwable that explodes on contact. It is the default action for any Attack Command if no other BIM is specified or carried.
    - The Timer BIM is your average cube-shaped time bomb (with digital clock) that is used only for Baiting (see Bait in the Command list below).

    3) The game is split into Hours. Each Hour is split into 2 Rounds:
    a) Movement Phase - Users will PM me where they wish to move on the map. The number of spaces they can move to is determined by their Speed (SPD - see below). They do not need to use all their SPD and can even stay put. They cannot move diagonally. By default, everyone's SPD is 1.

    b) Action Phase - Users then PM me a variety of commands that each have their own effects. List of commands below:
    Spoiler for SP Btooom! Commands (CHOOSE ONE):

    4) To successfully kill someone, you must be a part of the killing action even if you're part of a group that did it. Upon a successful kill, the player(s) are offered 2 rewards: First they will receive a clue leading to a location of either a secret item or a technique. Second, they will recieve bloodlust and will have their SPD increased by 1 to a maximum of 6 SPD
    - Damian has 2 HP left. Nish and Exilement opt to attack him (either teaming up or just by coincidence). Damian dies and Nish/Exilement take the credit for the killing action. Both Nish and Exilement gain +1 SPD and a clue (not the same clue for both).
    - Nish has 1 HP left and decides to attack Devour. Devour uses a Bait action on Nish and Nish dies instead. Devour gets the bonuses.
    - Nish has 1 HP left but does nothing. Devour thinks Nish is attacking him and Baits, resulting in his death. Nish does NOT get any bonuses because Devour committed suicide.

    5)In addition, Items can be used ANYTIME and are not part of the requisite one action command. They must be declared along with the Action or Movement PM. Some items will trigger automatically and some items will be consumed after use.

    6) Once all the Actions are resolved, the next Hour begins and play continues until the winners are announced and no other winners are possible.

    tl;dr How to Play
    1) One Hour = Two Phases
    2) Movement Phase - PM where to go.
    3) Action Phase - PM what to do.
    4) Rinse and repeat until winners are extracted or unchallenged.

    BIMs: Know Your Weapons
    Btooom is played on a dynamic environment whereby a plane will fly over the island and drop random powerups and items. While the players start with 2 kinds of BIMs, there are 8 in total and knowing that they do can be very useful in battle. Note that a BIM type will not be announced until a player has claimed ownership of it:

    Spoiler for Cracker Type:
    Spoiler for Timer Type:
    Spoiler for Blazing Gas Type:
    Spoiler for Implosion Type:
    Spoiler for Homing Type:
    Spoiler for Remote Control Type:
    Spoiler for Flammable Oil Splashing Flame / Crossfire Type:
    Spoiler for Barrier Type:

    Items: Toys for the Big Boys
    In addition to weapon drops are secret items scattered throughout the island, either as relics of old battles or carefully stashed treasure troves. There are only a limited number of the ff items scattered throughout the land:

    1) Bomb-Proof Vest - When found, will automatically be equipped. If your SPD is over 2, your current SPD is reduced by 1. In addition, this vest adds an additional 2 HP. It is discarded when the 2 HP is used up.

    2) Energy Drink - When used, your maximum SPD increases by 1. This item cannot be used to go beyond the 6 SPD cap. Discarded upon use.

    3) Airplane Food - When used, it has a 50% chance of recharging you by 1 HP and a 50% chance of tasting like crap, doing nothing. Discarded upon use.

    4) Crack Launcher - A modified T-Shirt Gun that can shoot Cracker BIMs instead. When performing an Action Phase, you are capable of performing as many Attack actions as you can in any direction. Note that this can ridiculously backfire if you are Baited more than once.

    5) Hovercraft - When found, will instantly activate. Allows you to have an SPD of 10 for the next 4 Hours. Runs out of fuel after.

    6) Camo Sleeping Bag - When found, instantly activates. You then remain unseen and undetected for 2 Hours, essentially giving you free turns. While you cannot attack, you cannot be attacked as well. After 2 hours, you will pop up at the square you originally found the Bag as if you were there all along.

    7) Baseball Glove - When performing the Attack Action on an opponent that chooses to Do Nothing, you will deal 2 Damage instead of 1.

    8) Taser Gun - When acquired, you will have an extra Action to "Stun" someone within 3 spaces of you. That target will not be able to Move for 2 Hours. Has 5 uses until it is discarded.

    Techniques: Unlock Your Potential
    Finally, in addition to the potential BIMs and Items you can acquire, there are also secret techniques etched into the rocks and trees all over the Island from old beta testers who came before you. If you can spot them, you will get to perform an additional manuever for each BIM as well as have first-usage rights. Once the manuever is performed, the entire island will be privy to it (because the Island continually broadcasts major events to its own players) for them to use.

    2 Ways to Unlock Techniques:
    1) Finding them via the 'Search' Action
    2) Achieving Proficiency with said BIM by successfully hitting three separate players with that particular BIM. For the Barrier type, you must have deflected at least 3 separate BIM types to unlock the manuever.

    List of Unlocked BIM Techniques:
    Cracker Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Timer Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Blazing Gas Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Spoiler for Implosion BIM Secret Technique:

    Homing Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Remote Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Crossfire Secret Technique - LOCKED
    Barrier Secret Technique - LOCKED

    The Island
    Spoiler for Map:
    Notable Locations:
    River Sticks (lower-right quadrant) - A famous river known for being composed entirely of fanwank. After decades of Terkoiz worship, this river has gained the notoriety of being EXTREMELY Sticky. As such, traversing in and out of this area reduces your SPD by 3. If you happen to foolishly enter this area when your SPD is less than 3, you will unfortunately be stuck there until you can kill someone to raise your SPD.

    RHG Arena (F6) - At the center of fanwank is the world's greatest stage. Centuries of duels have given this place notoriety as a place where the fighting spirit perseveres. Rumors talk of fantastic treasure hidden from within...but only the battle-worthy shall be able to reap from its rewards. Only by being the Last Man Standing on this square for 2 Hours will you be able to acquire a fantastic prize. There is also another rule concerning the arena: No Cowards. As such, you can only attack and be attacked by people in this very square. May the best champion win.

    Forest of Woe (A5,B5) - A copse of trees known for their height and sturdiness. Anyone who steps into this area has a 1/6 chance of 'climbing' these trees for protection. If successful, the player will be able to attack freely without the risk of being attacked by any kind of BIM.

    Tomb of the Crusader (B2) - A lonely fortress said to contain the spirits of Old Users from ages past. A glorious weapon lies within if you can solve its puzzle. Around the map are three keys hidden throughout the land. In order to open this Tomb, a player must acquire all three. There is only 1 key in the whole island so if another player has it, you have to Attack successfully to steal it from them (killing is optional). Once all 3 keys are acquired and the player is standing on this space, the gates will open...

    Secret Tunnel (F1, D7, G3, A1) - A shortcut that can lead to anywhere else in the map. Unfortunately only 1 entrance has been found so far. Traversing here to the next entrance will cost 1 Move Pt. as if you just walked into that space.

    Crashed Plane (F5) - A plane crashes due to recent volcanic activity. It temporarily grants passage to the arena without incurring the speed penalty of the moat. I wonder how long it'll be there though...

    Other Rules
    1) Being inactive during the Movement Phase results in Do Nothing. Being inactive during the Action Phase results in whatever action that ends in you getting damaged. Being inactive in general results in a Blacklist.

    2) You may trade Items with people in your space or adjacent spaces.

    3) You may NOT trade BIMs with each other. BIMs are barcoded to the person's DNA and lifesigns. Ergo, you can only acquire someone's BIM once they are dead. In the event of a multi-kill, it is up to the party to divide the spoils. If an agreement cannot be arranged, nobody gets the BIMs/Items.

    4) This game is not personal. All flames and shittalking allowed. Just keep it to the thread itself and keep it mature. Mods will have a right to infract you for being persistently annoying.

    5) Use this thread for all ingame conversation as well as some well-to-do trashtalking. Spectators and Dead Players are free to post as well.

    6) Good luck and have fun.

    Come one come all. Since there is already a penalty for inactivity in place, anyone is invited to join. No Benches. The more the merrier. Sign up today! Player minimum is 8.

    To sign-up, come up with an occupation by which you would be abducted to participate in this game for. The more mundane the better. Don't put fantastic stuff like Ninja or Bounty Hunter. A Cop is okay as that's pretty common.

    Sample Signup:
    Hewitt, the Rockstar has been abducted!

    List of Beta Testers:
    1) Golden, the Knife Salesman [O|O|X|X] (+++) SPD: 1
    - 1 Secret Technique (to be revealed upon use).

    2) Lamitrov, the Bartender [O|X|X|X] (+) SPD: 3 (-2 penalty)
    - Taser Gun with [||||O] charges.
    - 1 Implosion BIM
    - 1 Homing BIMs

    3) Azure, the Culinarian [O|O|O|O] (++) SPD: 2
    - 1 Flaming Gas BIM
    - 1 Homing BIM
    - Baseball Glove

    4) Veir, the Red Shirt [O|X|X|X] (+) SPD: 1

    5) ---, the Ordinary Highschool Student [O|O|O|O|D|X] (+) SPD: 10 (for 4 Hours)
    - Airplane Food
    ***Eating is a free action and can be used alongside another one.
    - 1 Secret Technique (to be revealed upon use).
    - 2 Blazing Gas BIMs
    - 1 Barrier BIM
    - Bomb-Proof Vest (HP Bar updated)
    - Hovercraft | Fuel: [DDDX]

    6) Exilement, the Carnie [O|O|O|O] (+) SPD: 2
    - 1 Secret Technique (to be revealed upon use).
    - 2 Blazing Gas BIMs
    - 2 Remote BIMs

    7) Aquila, the Biologist [O|O|O|X] (+) SPD: 2
    - 1 Secret Technique (to be revealed upon use).

    8) Ai, the Admiral [O|O|O|X] (+) SPD: 3
    - 3 Remote BIMs
    - 1 Crossfire BIM
    - 1 Implosion BIM


    Person McPerson, the Hotelier
    Squidd, the Ironic Fisherman
    GuardianTempest, the NEET
    Devour, the Pineapple Inspector
    Haru, the Fryman
    Ashero, the Unlucky Bastard
    Hobbes, the Gynecologist

    ***I will declare the Max HP, Number of Gems required, and draw the map after I have signups as those depend on the number of participants.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Spoiler for FAQ:

    Play History

    Hour 7

    Hour 8

    Hour 9

    Hour 10
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    I would love to play this game, but unfortunately for the rest of this month, until I finish my notice period at my job, I won't be able to devote my full attention to it. So I probably will not be signing up. It sucks though, this game sounds amazing.
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    I want to join but I haven't read all the rules. I'll come back tomorrow and read it properly. Just saying that I intend to join because I'm worried that signups will be closed by then.

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