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Thread: C3 vs Dracko

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    I smell Rose! C3WhiteRose's Avatar
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    C3 vs Dracko

    Finally, after half a year, this battle is on the poll.

    Grab your popcorn, sitdown, relax, and make sure no one is not gonna disturb you.
    Dracko (Shura):
    C3 (ShadowRose):

    Vote only because that's your own idol is disrespect the other animator.
    So please vote fairly.

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    Let me be the first to say Im completely amazed and blown away. Both of you really set a new look and intensity for stick figure fights that I did not think was possible.

    Draco - Your fight was short in comparison to C3 (maybe cause his was more story driven) but you kept it real. I saw that naruto inspired scenes when he drew his knife the way he started his attack while dashing, or how Shura smashed into the ground and Rose had to spin himself up, both respective parts fit the characters. Your change in perspective to the appearance of the fighters in certain scenes was great and unlike C3 your camera movements didnt define most parts of the fighting making it alot easier to track in my opinion. I really feel your characters fighting style and it showed that in essence your character has overwhelming power and speed that Rose could never really comprehend. There were times when the attacks felt a little stop and go-ish that was probably because as I said before you didnt shake the camera in every movement going on. You had a great cinematic set up introducing the fighters.Great great job. The final part

    C3 you you.....Man yours had a flow to it and a crisp cinematic look. From the very moment I saw that desert scene I knew what was coming, I felt it. You really brought style into both your character and Dracos character. It was like you KNEW Rose could never beat Draco but truly showed it doesnt take just power to win a fight. I like the story part about it and I can only imagine how long it took. The effects were astounding, I wonder myself right now how you even did half of the shit you did. Basically my favorite part was 3:26 with that Sengoku Basara music. I really FELT the hits as the fight kept going on and on. It was still hard at times (very little) to see some of the hits if they werent the heavy hitters. But everything leading up to said hitters looked smooth and like a real wind up.

    Decision: This was. A harder decision than I thought but the kind of fluidity I saw throughout C3s animation I gotta give it to him. But both are frontpage Hyun dojo material. Hell, the next Drunken fist type of views on Youtube.

    P.S: YES Im the first one to review it HA. And wow...didnt know Magus was such a pushy bitch......My character sends a middle finger to you Magus!! And to be perfectly honest I like Dracos character alot more :I
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    Professional Homosexual AwesTube's Avatar
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    Oh my gosh, this was so epic! The wait was worth it, I voted on Dracko because I loved the illustrations in it!

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    This is so hard to vote at. While Dracko's anim length's shorter than C3 but it has a dynamic cinematic at times, making the fight seemed to look epic (although yeah, it's one sided most of the time). Art style's also awesome. Shadowrose's personality got rather random there as I think he should be probably able to dodge some of his attacks, but I'll leave it aside. Worth half the year, I must say.
    C3's anim story plot is freaking awesome, I can praise it more times than I realize it. Fight scene and overall anim parts looks smooth - which fits for the intro and epilogue - but rather force-less at some places (from my perspective, correct me if I'm wrong). Thankfully he covered them well with his coolio effects. I mainly like the part where ShadowRose finally able to control the main battle until the K.O. event. That's also mind-blowing. Agh, too ossum. And oo, cameos.

    Can I not vote this match? lol jk. But really, both seems tie to me so I'll see if I can come back here again to finally decide who the truly winner is in the mean time. I'l try not to exceed the vote time fo sho. ^^v

    Editing this post cuz of reasons I forgot. Might be too short to leave a new one, so...
    Really, really great job both of you. I was literally getting really hyped with this fight as the wait was just totally worth it. I'm expecting this battle to be a tie later on, as I guess C3 just found a matching enemy trying to ruin his winning streak~

    Salutations to you two.
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    Behind you!
    IT'S HERE! IT'S OUT! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! The both of you were absolutely astounding, honestly. Dracko, your style of combat really reached new levels of awesome; I especially liked the finisher. C3, the only thing that could've trumped your fight choreography or masterful integration of your OC's plotline is the amazing detail and FX put into your animation; I couldn't believe how good it was, and I daresay it completely surpassed me.

    Both animations are gonna get archived in my favorites, that's for sure. As to who deserves more props... I've gotta give this one to C3WhiteRose. Excellent work, you two!
    Spoiler for Info:

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    Good job guys, both animations are awesome
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    Alright so Ima judge this out of Quality, Style, & Duration
    (first time judging a anim srsly, be gentle)

    Spoiler for Dracko:

    Spoiler for ShadowRose:

    You guys did a good job honestly. I enjoyed watching both animations but, i give it to shadow for length. Although dracko's was more entertaining, C3 had more cookies in the jar. Gj again!
    Spoiler for spoiler:

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    私はズボンです。 Zaix's Avatar
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    Beautifully done, the both of you!

    Shura: I'm loving your consistent animation style, and I can see that you've improved and added a lot more cinematic angles to your shots than before. Like most people are saying, it's a bit on the short side compared to C3's. I think your style could develop a bit more if you took the time to add some 1's (single frames), a lot of your animation is done on 2's and maybe even 3's and in some spots it just seems choppy, even for the power/Zeta style. I love how clean your drawings are though, you've always impressed me with the quality of drawing in most of your frames. Great work!

    C3: I think it may do your close up shots a bit more justice if you took the time to render the faces in a cleaner way, in some instances the facial movements are quite choppy and don't have enough ease to them. I would also encourage some work on better feet placement in fight scenes, in a couple of the scenes the characters look a little off balance because their feet don't look like they're placed correctly. The camera movements are pretty cool too, but too much of a good thing can be bad, watching the entire thing made me feel a little dizzy because of how uncontrolled the camera felt XD I'm not trying to bash though, your strengths really outnumber your weaknesses. The masterful combination of all of the programs you use is truly a sight to behold, it leaves me in awe every time. The effects, the choice of music and sound, and the smooth animation all packed into one cinematic little package really make the animation!

    Consensus: While I admire Dracko and have for as long as he's been around, I have to give it to C3. It was neck and neck with Dracko leading up until I watched both the animations a second time. The clencher was the combos; Dracko had amazing power and awesome cinematics, but the combos didn't flow as well or have as much variety in the choreography as C3's. You both did an awesome job though! I can't wait to see what the final result is! FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!

    (P.S. Dracko you need to hit me up sometime so we can battle! Once I get my new RHG's page up that is XD)
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    I smell Rose! C3WhiteRose's Avatar
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    @Tun3: Every char I put in is neccesary for ShadowRose's storyline, it will connect to some point in later animations
    @Awetube: if u could give a more reasonable than illustration like Shura's finisher is much better
    @Zaix: Many start to draw from the feet, but i start from the neck(body,arms) and hips (legs), but if u can point out those part with leg off that will be great
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    Well I'm not going to go point by point like everyone else because it would be redundant and all, but great battle you two. I'm going to vote Dracko because in my opinion it was better animation wise, Whiteshadows was very nice when it got down to the fighting but your fundamentals probably need some work, there was a lot of wobbling in your casual movements and a few other things that caught me while watching, but again, I don't really want to go back through it, you can PM me about it if it matters to you. Also staffs cast shadows. But yeah, really good battle
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