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Thread: C3 vs Dracko

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    SILAT warrior drackojiano's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    OMG O__O
    just in yesterday yesterday i'm just say "ok,.. i'm lose :'') "
    and btw...
    i'm glad for all comment and critiq for me,...
    but i cant reply, yeah u know ,... i'm understand your critiq, but i'm so hard to reply that, (bad english) Q___Q
    than Gus talk to me about everything in here,... and i know... ^_^ *thanks gus
    i will making a better animation, about this my anims look 1 side bcz i remember C3 comic in hyuns dojo..
    this is make me not comfortable to him,.. ok i will cut2 many scenes in my storibot... and than FINISHED :''(
    (if u know, shura receive many2 attack shadowrose after 3D scene... but.. i cut it Q___Q)
    btw thaanks for vote my animation, sorry for many2 mistake in my animation... i will try to make better again and again
    Thank you ^_^

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    Yeah. Thanks for pointing that out, Flashpoint...

    Also, I'm seeing alot of people saying they're voting for c3, yet dracko has the most votes. Are people just voting and not commenting again? I'd like a good reason to pick one over the other. A legitimate reason?
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    Aug 2012
    Hey guys… Not sure if you are going to read all of this, but still, I have the eager to speak up sth…

    I’ve been following this RHG from the earlier day pretty closely, bcuz, man, it is not only one of the BEST on-going battles lately *between the 2 epic styles!!*, but also there are some weird-yet-interesting-details during the voting process…

    And I believe, those who have been watching this battle all noticed the same.

    After the first day the poll was opened, as you can see, looking through the first comments, if you still reckon, there was a huge gap between the votes for Dracko and C3, and even though their numbers kept on increasing, the gap still remained. However, around 4-5 days after that, the gap was reversed, as in the avarage new vote rate for Dracko was like, >20 counts a day, while for C3, it was dropping down to less than 10 in just a 2 day time. It also seems that the vote for Dracko is unstoppable until it has reached to decent distance from C3's. So even if someone else is casting for C3, a whole bunch of other votes are still coming no-matter-how for Dracko, I bet this.

    Guys, you may be laughing at that, saying “Why the fuss, dude? There are just more people who simply love Dracko’s style!” But what kept wondering me is that, if that’s true, why wouldn’t there be MORE praising/comparison comments on his animation for me to read, bcuz, hell yea, I’d love to read such kinds of comment, for showing me more opinions, aspects and advices from people about stickfigure, which is the reason why I joined this place.
    So my question was, “Where do those enormous-yet-steady number of new votes come from?”. The curious cat in me has made me run a check, and it seemed that there were a LOT, LOTs of votes casted by newly-born acc created within the last 2 day, yea, those blank acc with no other info/post/activity and even no sign of returning to the forum, of coz, after they have made the vote. Hmmm…. So you see, isn’t it “strange” enough, or is it too normal in a voting game?

    So yea, this is sth that my naughty curiosity has discovered. You can see it for urself.

    LOL, it looks like someone has such MANY loyal fans huh, that they are even willing to protect their idol from other opponent at all cost. Wow… such… wow…. How lucky he is 

    I guess that’s all I could say for now. This battle is ending soon, maybe now is too late bcuz not many people are going to read this. But what’s left of it makes me feel sad for the stickman characters instead…
    Thank you for taking your time reading all these words…

    Have a nice day, stick-lovers!

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    ^^ You're insinuating that this is going to be a very controversial fight if the moderators get involved then?

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    Wait a second. Yeah what's going on. There are a few voters who joined a day or two ago, have no prior forum activity, and did not leave a comment. Just voted without reason?

    xpivot,widodo,wawan411,mufidz, yanik, Cha,Rohiim, ikhlas, yupita,rizkyfirman

    ,and therewd1.

    If you 11 could post a comment explaining why you voted, it would be appreciated?
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    3D Gladiator TTheDDoctor's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    Behind you!
    DAAAAAAAAAAAAYUUUUM!!! Drackojiano, it looks like against all odds, you managed to defeat the undefeated- no, the freakin' UNDEFEATABLE. You have my respect, son. Live long and animate.

    Well, provided no more than 4 or 5 of your votes are multi-accounts...
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    Spoiler for Info:

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    SCHOOL HATER.... wakkiau's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    well it's reaching its final stage, so i guess i could say something on behalf of dracko fans
    as far as many that idolized rose (as i can see in the comment section) there are many that idolized dracko
    the only difference is where they are. some just not a member of stickpage
    so the idea is just that the fans see the battle, and they want to vote for the battle. but they're not currently a member of stickpage, so they need to sign a new account
    so i can assure you as an old member of a nostalgic forum, that those vote truly belong to dracko voters

    hey even i'm lucky enough having a stickpage account even though i'm not dwelling much in here, i'm surprised myself that my password is 200 days old lol
    btw great battle for the both of you, i really like C3 anim but i just fell in love with angle of Dracko's anim.
    i don't usually do home work.. but when i do ,trust don't want to know what happen to my book :|[/CENTER]

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    Ridiculon yunero's Avatar
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    New York
    i don't understand why people are complaining about Dracko being in the lead. for one, people have an opinion and are entitled to it. if they like one animation better than the other, then let them be, there's no need to insult their "intelligence". and secondly, the new-account votes for dracko were most likely fans who just wanted their hand in the vote and that's it, and not every single user who voted has to explain why they voted for who. leave them alone.

    this may have been dealt with already or something, but i just wanted to get that off my chest.
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    🕷 🕸 🕷 🕸 🕷 Drone's Avatar
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    Unfortunately there is legitimacy to the cheating claims, a lot of the accounts that voted for dracko are multi accounts. I'm going to look further into it and rectify the situation as soon as possible so not only will a proper winner be chosen but also so that those who are abusing the system get what's coming to them.
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