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Thread: Jolt - Supreme Electrokinetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindEite View Post
    The genome of Homo-Deus have surpassed the need of technology. Most of our kind can manipulate reality through a biological process. We've come to the point where evolution has surpassed the limited intelligence that provided the small technological breakthroughs in your species. Sapiens have lacked the capability of standing together, they're current evolutionary state forces them to act like competing ant colonies. The need for resources is proof of being a primitive species, and often uses it as a cause of competition, therefore don't have the capability to sense the greater good beyond they're irrational thought. Homo-Deus have surpassed the need for inter-special conflict. Despite the efforts of your kind, we're the pinnacle of organism can be. There's a reason why we're called Homo-Deus.
    It is not that Homo-Sapiens lack the capability of standing together, rather there was no threat to cause us to act together as one. Until now, where the threat of Homo-Dues and other threats act as the incentive for Humanity to combine together as one, sharing resources for the greater good. As for Homo-Dues surpassing the need for inter-special conflict, I notice that Jolt leads a clan called Voidz, who contain many Homo-Dues members. To get into the clan, the member must first battle against 3 premembers, one of which is Wate (who is a Homo-dues) Clearly, you are not as rational as you claim, since you engage in inter-special conflict. Not really the pinnacle of evolution after all...
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