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Thread: Why do I get bored of animating so quickly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guramecon View Post
    Set this as your Desktop Wallpaper, and you'll get maximum motivation

    This is brilliant.

    On topic, all I can say is that you lack discipline. Of course you would get bored after working months on a single idea. Everyone does. I mean, it's so tempting to just drop it and work on a new "cool" idea but that's bad.

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    Adding to Zero's statement, you also lack patience. Animating takes a LONG while to develop and it's easy to lose interest when your feel like you're not getting the immediate gratification of seeing a finished creation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charry View Post
    Considering how many forfeits there have been, I'd say it doesn't help as many people as you think.
    yeah it seems like any RHG with 3 or more battles has at least one battle where the opponent forfeit. or they forfeit.

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    Well it depends if you want to be an animator, you should work harder. I meant, just do it! Make ur dreams come truee D:<

    But if it's only for hobby to bring fun and hype to yourself, well, just animate as long as you feel happy. Don't get stress with it if it's only for hobby

    Or you want to make your hobby (animate) to join a competition or something that contains prizes X) well just do it! D:

    If you feel tired, you can take a rest for a while xD pushing yourself may bring u stress

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    I just realized why I get so bored and stressed from making animations It's because I do everything at once. Wich makes me have a hard time completting my goal.
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    because art and animation is a time consuming process that takes hard work, motivation, and time, and most of the community here is full of the "gotta have it now" and instant gratification millennials who would rather microwave a hot pocket than to take thirty minutes to fix a nice dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLongflop View Post
    Listen to music beforehand to get pumped, but when you start animating don't listen to music at all. Music when animating makes you focus on two things at once, it gets in the way of focus, and focus is what you need.
    Idk, I listen to podcasts while I animate and I have no problem focusing.

    Your main problem is likely just self discipline. I think there was a thread about this recently, but I forgot what it was. Just try to set goals and commit to stuff, and not give up as soon as you hit a part you can't animate. Meeting challenges is how you get better, anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel View Post
    because art and animation is a time consuming process that takes hard work, motivation, and time, and most of the community here is full of the "gotta have it now" and instant gratification millennials who would rather microwave a hot pocket than to take thirty minutes to fix a nice dinner
    wait...i'm 14 does that mean i'm a millennial? cause I would totally make myself a new meal everynight if i had the money and time. I prefer fresh food to any microwaved stuff.
    And I listen to youtube playlists when I animate and i do it just fine ._.

    Maybe I should try some of the stuff in this thread....
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    Sorry mine english hurted you...
    Of course you'll get bored, there's no point, no goal to that "simple" animation.
    Why don't you start your own personal project instead of waiting for something to happen in the forums? Set yourself a goal. Reaching the page is an usuall goal in here. Try to reach that goal.
    Other thing that bothers animators is being unsure of what direction an animation is going. That's because (at least on my case) we start animating an idea the second right after we think of it, instead planning it all through, from the first scene to the last one. That's why we use storyboards, people! Storyboards are our safe-boat. They are our ground on which we stand on. If we get lost in any point, we go to our storyboards to recover our track. First you gotta plan it, so you can be sure you can finish it before you start it. That will give you a lot of security, a lot of confidence of what's the next step to take.
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