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Thread: So I be remixing now...

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    So I be remixing now...

    I know most people probably aren't going to see this because, if I remember, most people scroll right past this section, but I'd be buttfucking an elephant dildo if I posted this anywhere else so...titties

    Anyway, here's some shit I've made for some remix contests in the past month. Listen to it, vote on it, masturbate to it if you'd like. I don't really care, I'm just trying to get better at this shit

    Warm Air Estate by Heathered Pearls feat. Outerbridge (Buster Kanon Remix)
    the version I uploaded to this site wasn't mixed very well so if you wanna give it a listen, go here. I know, I know, "what I this wild linkchase shit he's got going on here"

    SPIDER by the Bloody Beetroots (Buster Kanon Remix)

    Sleep Talk by Einmusik feat. Valentine (Buster Kanon Remix)

    Oh, my producer name is Buster Kanon now by the way in cases anyone gave a shit
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    Buster Kanon is a cool name BTW.
    I really like the flow and the bass of the first one (Warm Air Estate).
    The second one(SPIDER) ^^^ and no element was overused at least that's how I feel about it.
    Nice intro to the third one(Sleep Talk), I liked the whole package.
    Good Job!
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    bretty good man. i was actually gonna complain about the mixing of the first one until i realized there was a better version.

    still, i think the mixing is what needs the most work overall. when you have too many things going on at once and you start to exceed a certain volume you start to lose quality and things start becoming indistinct and mushing together. you can even see this happening if you look at the graphic representation of the music - it looks like a big box of noise (spider especially), and starts to sound like it too. i'm not entirely sure what the solution to this is, maybe be a bit more choosy with which samples are running when, tweak the volume of each track a bit so it's not so noisy when you play them all at once, maybe even offset some tracks to the left or right a bit, do some equalizing.

    btw - this might be obvious, and i dunno what your setup is, but it's important not to use any brand name headphones with built in equalization for this, because that means it might sound good to you but different to others

    i liked sleep talk the most.

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    Yeah mixing has been my main issue for a while. I've been looking up different compression techniques and I've been trying to get away from all the brick wall limiting, but its a bit tougher for a hip-hop track that has drum sounds that are supposed to be louder and in your face. One of my main issues tends to stem around making a bassline standout without causing the whole track to jump into the red. And then there's the issue of too much stuff going on at once. That's actually been a pretty main focus recently. You should hear some of my older stuff. That shit was a cacophony. I'd have like 3 melodies and a texture going all at once over a chord progression and an overly elaborate drum solo because I thought if I could layer as much stuff as possible I would sound like a fucking pro. At the end of the day, its all just remembering simple music theory.

    My setup right now, in terms of monitoring audio, is pretty much just a pair of m-audio m50ss and a saffire interface. Any other post-mix monitoring I do pretty much comes from listening to shit on car speakers and cheaper consumer headphones to get an idea of how the average person would hear shit.

    Also I made these the other day

    (Yeah yeah I know, dragon ball is played out, but the nimbus cloud makes some cool ass sampleable sound effects)

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