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Thread: Blur Effect [Pivot]

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    i can add blur on Pivot ?!.

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    good enough ;3

    meh.I already knew but, it could help with new pivoters n' stuff. Anyways sup boom

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    It seems so hard! how long does it take to do blurs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klem View Post
    It seems so hard! how long does it take to do blurs?
    Like 10 seconds. It's really just copy and pasting multiple times, nothing too advanced. Especially with the new shortcuts in Pivot, it makes it a lot easier. What I do in order to make sure the copy and pasted figures are right beside him, is by using the arrow keys. After you copy and paste your figure, you should be able to use your arrow keys and move them in whatever direction you want. For this tutorial specifically, you would either press the left or right arrow keys once, then copy and paste, and then repeat. Seems complicated but once you do it a few times you'll get used to it.

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    I swear how did nobody know about this like honestly wtf
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    This is a really easy blur effect, no wonder ur animations are so G
    im gonna add you to my hitlist

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