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Thread: Announcing the StickPage Roadmap

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    Announcing the StickPage Roadmap

    StickPage will soon be getting a very large overhaul. We've been hard at work the past 6 months rebuilding the whole site from the ground up, focusing on crafting an amazing experience for creative individuals and those who just want to be entertained. Everything is being touched: there will be a new RHG system, a fully functioning portal, tutorials, integrated forum, better profiles, chatting and more. We've still got quite a lengthy journey ahead of us before the new website is finished, but that wont stop us from keeping you up to date on what's going on as well as teasing the hell out of what's to come. We know in the past there have been problems delivering on commonly requested features like a portal, so for the sake of comfort and transparency I have created a new central location that anyone can use to stay up to date on where we're at with the new site. That location is the SP Roadmap, a simple page with monthly blog updates and simple progress bars for each major section of the site.

    Visit the SP Roadmap

    Along with progress updates I will also be posting some "behind the scenes" type content where I shed some light on the creation process of the site and related projects. With Stone finishing a new game, a new special surprise from myself, the next GTL competition with a cool surprise, and Stick War: Legacy all coming out in the next few weeks to a month, things are starting to pick up around here again. You can be sure to see some behind the scenes posts for some of these projects, so keep an eye out! I will continue posting links to these articles in the SP Related Discussion thread as well so you can look there if it's more convenient. That's all for now!

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    This is a great idea, this way we can just simply visit the SP Roadmap to check on the progress. It will be worth the wait.
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    omg ;u; I'm going to love this stickpage more and more. You surely working hard for this. Good luck guys

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    Wow! The hard work is surely paying off. It's looks really well done(even though it isn't done yet).

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    Thank God for improving the RHG system.

    I'll definitely get back into RHG's once this is implemented.

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    This is all awesome. I'm very happy to see you guys working so hard on the site and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

    Spoiler for Support:

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    what is our currency system going to be called

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    I vote that our currency be named Stone.

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    Ours is called WHEAT and the name of our world is Thawe it has a Western farmland theme

    Just kidding, the new RHG doesn't have currency or points planned for it.

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    I'm looking forward to this, really really do.

    Spoiler for :

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