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Thread: overall combat

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    overall combat

    my best strategies so far
    income gold miners:3 praying miners:3
    attack: build up a force while upgrading BUT dont attack to soon for if you fail you will be vulnerable
    defense: long range units behind a miners wall, also have HOLDING melee units behind the wall in case it is destroyed
    suggested upgrades:ghost defender (center tower) passive, gold 3, all castle archers, and all combat upgrades for units.
    suggested units: at the very start sword-wrath defenders then go to speartons then add some archer's/giants/flying-crossbowman, MERICS ARE A MUST
    before attack:capture the center tower then charge because (with the ghost defender) if you attack STILL FAILS he can buy at least SOME time.

    have any other strategies
    tell me and ill try em out

    also if you like skype me and we can have a battle to see
    whos strategy is better.
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    3 miners on gold and 3 on mana... Hm...

    How long do these games generally last for you in ranked matches? What rating are you?
    I'm glad you've come to the forums seeking to post your input on how you play the game, however, this "strategy" isn't the best for several reasons I can personally discuss with you over Skype if you would like. I play with all 3 empires... Or at least I did before I began to work... And work... And work.

    As for now, take a look at these other threads that may give you a better insight on how to properly play order.
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