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Thread: Phase - The Subatomic Soldier

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    Phase - The Subatomic Soldier

    Phase - The Subatomic Soldier

    Name: Phase/Rhys Harvey
    Age: Early 20s
    Gender: Male
    Ethnic Background: British

    Phases suit gives him the ability to 'bend' atoms in and around the suit. This allow him to change his size both ways and to change his density, be it more or less dense. While shrunk, Phase retains his strength but as the force becomes increasingly concentrated due to a decrease in surface area, his punches increase in force. When he is bigger his absolute strength increases, meaning he can lift much heavier objects such as a lorry or hit a lot harder. Phase has the ability to increase or decrease his density at will. When he decreases his density, he becomes faster and can go through objects (such as a sword or a punch). He can also run faster depending on how less dense he is, as he keeps his power, with reduced weight and air resistance. When he is more dense, Phase becomes heavier, stronger, slightly bigger, slower and more resistant to attacks, depending on how dense he is. Phase also turns a dark grey when he is dense. Phase also has augments on his palms, which allow him to emulate his powers on any person or object he holds, meaning he can alter a persons/objects size/density while having direct palm contact with it. Phase has no weapon, but rather uses a combination of his suits abilities to deal damage.

    Phases suit has a strong metal outer layer, with a rubber and lead lining on the inside. It comes with a miniaturised air container to allow him to breath while small, as well as a built in heater to counter the effects of a decreased surface area while miniature (the square cubed law).

    When he shrinks it would take him longer to run any given distance compared to him being normal size. While giant, his movements are the slowed down. When he decreases his density he also goes semi blind depending on how low his density is. When he is less dense he cannot pick up things or attack. Phase also has no ranged weapons, so if you keep your distance you are at an advantage. Despite having an oxygen supply, Phase cannot stay small or large for long, as his oxygen runs out quickly and only gets refilled passively when Phase is normal size.

    Fighting Style
    Without a weapon, Phase utilises a mix of hand to hand combat with his suits abilities, known as Picnokinetic Combat. Additionally, due to his combat training from MI5 he has experience using a range of weapons (such as knives, guns ect...).

    Spoiler for Known fighting moves:

    Spoiler for Story:

    * I am making a new demo, please bare with for a bit, sorry.
    Demo 1 (old):
    Demo 2 (old):

    RHG Battles:
    Battle against the new one2


    * Unofficial win against Flame

    Frost aminimations (Frostspark) - A sparring match could be interesting
    THEEPICNOODLE (P.A.I.N) - Suit vs Robot
    fLunk (Rocket) - Another size shifter, lets see how this plays out



    Spoiler for Design:

    Spoiler for Fanart:
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