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Thread: Jade (Camila) vs Gildedguy [NO POLL - CnC Please :D]

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    Jade (Camila) vs Gildedguy [NO POLL - CnC Please :D]

    Hey guys! after a tooonnn of months of work we finally finished our parts! Now.... even tho this is an RHG we decided to make it a non-competitive battle, this means that there won't be a winner, but we do want to receive comments and CnC from you!.

    Here're our parts! Enjoy:

    Gildedguy's part:
    On Hyunsdojo!:

    Camila's part:
    On Hyunsdojo!:
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    Wanna watch this battle? Click HERE for MY part and HERE for GILDEDGUY'S part
    his part is amazing ♥
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    Both of these are amazing.

    I can't really CnC though, because I'm also new. Good battle, both of you!

    *EDIT* If I really had to pick a winner, Guy probably gets my vote. Camila's animation was also top-notch, but I have a weakness for Guy's style.
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    First of all, holy shiet. Second of all comments. Camila, your anim was awesome, great variability, special effects, and sound, but I think in aome scenes the physics weren't perfect. Glided (lol), your anim was witty, creative, and, of course had great art style, although sometimes I feel the facial expressions didn't give the right vibe and the angles changed a bit much. It's this kinda stuff that makes me glad to have joined this community, thanks for bringing this to the table. I was grasping for any criticisms, and most of them were close to superficial. My little mind was blown away by both of these anims.

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    Wow! These are the types of animations I strive to create one day! Gotta love Camila's work here! there's no denying that her stuff was amazing but if I have a weak spot for Gildedguy's stuff since his animation had more attitude and alot of charisma! Plus, his fire effects were on point!

    Actually, thanks! You guys make me want to animate even more now!

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    goddamn, gildedguy.

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    Gonna be honest, there's no competition here. I was completely blown away by Gildedguy's work. Like, I haven't seen any of his stuff before so I went in assuming he was a noob and I was wrong. Not to discredit Camila, but his angles were so immersive and open. Good job, guy.
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    @Camila your animation was pretty cool but it just seems so inconsistent. Sometimes the smokes and other effects are pretty cool and sometimes they're not. The background art too needs some improvements. Like, using the rectangle tool and putting some color in makes it seem amateurish tbh, especially when it's presented alongside Gildedguy's animation. No disrespect, but it's really hard not to compare your animations when they're presented in this way, regardless of whether it's a friendly battle or not.

    @Gildedguy hey man that was the most fun animation I've watched in a long while. Your animation was really vibrant, dynamic, cute, and I just think you have complete mastery over your own style. There's just so much to love about it and nothing to hate. You're not lost in making one specific part of your animation look great, but rather you make the whole piece look like a cohesive work where all the elements work well with each other. Your facial expressions really added to the personality of each character, and made them feel like actual characters instead of just two stickmen with different colors fighting. I mean, making Jade be a stickler for rules gave her a quirk that for the first time made me actually appreciate efforts of making stickfigure characters adorable. Hell, making her kind of a sore loser by getting the rest of her clan members to attack your character gave me a chuckle. Like, the animation's childish, but not the bad kind, but the kind that brings me back to being a kid again and loving these kinds of stuff.

    I have nothing to say about the technical part of your animation. It's all pretty much perfectly executed imo.


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    I also have to agree with externus here. Gildedguy's anim is more colourful, vibrant and has a unique style. Also it had a nice setting and story that makes it more entertaining. It had interesting angles and a funny ending. Though some fight scenes were not clear and understandable.
    Not that camila's anim wasn't good. In fact it could surpass other similar battles because it too had a setting. But it wasn't enough. Also the fights had a lot of akward poses and physics and were too fluid. Perhaps a redeeming aspect of camila's anim was its frequent change of enviroments but even that wasn't taken advantage of that much.
    On the whole I have to say that I prefered glidedguy's animation more. It had more style, more colours and more memorability.
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    Well, I honestly want to say that both of them did a great job. It is also good that no winners this time, considered that both animations are awesome. But there's some lacks that could do some improvement.

    @Camila Your anim is awesome, great variability, special effects, and sound tho. But some movements and special effects are not right somewhat, especially how the pheonix flaps its wings. Like Smile said, the background art needs some improvement. I don't need to elaborate about that because Smile got it all. Above everything else, nothing's wrong. My advice is keep practicing the BG art, maybe do some little art there. And still, I got my respect from ya!

    @Gildedguy Your anim is somehow feels funny, tbh. For that, you make it interesting. And awesome dynamic camera movement there, man! But there's some things though that went missing, where's the SFX in the middle of the battle?! :O *got shocked*. Just kidding. Yeah, you didn't put the sounds in the middle of the battle tho. And if you look at first person view, look how you animate the waving punches. It's just like "OMG! My hand is being cut there! :O *fainted*". Well.. The hand kinda flew away, like the hand is separated from the body lol. So, yeah. That's it. Oh and uh... That cartoon-fullbody-ish stick anim was beautiful :3

    So, both anims are top notch animation and a great friendly battle ever to me, no doubt. Both needs some improvements and it's not kinda big problem. I guess everyone have their own taste and their own style. No winners here, but I think both of you are the best!

    Much love,
    Syaddad <3

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    It's a good thing you guys made it non-competitive, because i honestly couldn't decide between the two. Here's my best attempt of CnC.

    Camila: Nice song choice. I was literally able to recognize that it was Panda Eyes - KIKO after the first note. I like the whole RHG arena kinda thing you had there. I actually planned to do that in one of my future battles as well. As for animation quality, it was very smooth and effects were amazing as usual. Also, did i see some after effects being used there? Like the light rays and zoom blurs? Pretty impressive. The whole thing was also very creative, like with the pillars and when they were in the blimp. Overall, this was pretty amazing. You've definitely improved.

    Gildedguy: Also nice song choice. Also very smooth, which is surprising for a fullbody animation. You must've inbetweened a lot. I loved how you referenced your speed battle with hamen when fry came in. it was hilarious. Your whole animation was funny. I liked those flame effects. You've definitely improved on animating effects and particles. I'm completely in love with your style, you need to teach me senpai! But yeah, also i love how you always at least slightly sync the fight to the music. Very nice. I think it was really cold and messed up when you wrecked Cam's priceless Nemesis stuff. A bit too much of a cheap tactic to get your weapon back. I'm disappointed in that. You could've at most just pulled down the statue maybe. Gladly, all ended well regardless. Overall, this was also pretty amazing. You've also improved.

    Both of you guys just made my day today! I'm gonna be in a good mood all day now cuz of you two. Props for the hard work.
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