Sunday Keris : A giant keris that he got from a star and he's powers from. He also can summon with his right hand light.
Wing : He can summon wing (only one, not a pair) on right side of his back.
Light orb/sharp : He can ONLY control light for he's attack. It's his strongest attack.
Sunny is seriously durable, he can take a lot of damage and still stand normally.

Using wing takes a lot of energy. The longer and more times he uses it the more he gets exhausted.
Even though he's a fast thinker he can't solve two problems at the same time.
Fast Duelist : His strongest attack is his light attack. Try to evade that and he will be a pretty easy opponent. Or go to high place. He will choose to fly beside you while you're running, and you'll need keep running.
Super strong Duelist : Even if he is really durable, he still has a limit. Hit him with really strong attack that will give him nice damage.
Distract : Distracting is pretty nice tactic to take him down. As I said he can't solve 2 problems at the same time

Sunny is good boy. His grandma always say he a star. He's had friends and a nice life, all of that, until a star about to crash close by. The world become really hot, it started to burn the trees. Sunny believed he's grandma and try to control the star, because he's one of them. And so Sunny raised his hand up..... nothing happened.

Until a symbol glowed on his hand, it sucked a little energy form the star, and he pushed the star back to its place. He started understanding his power when he grew up, and he found a place called Stickpage city. There is a little competition called RHG, and so he joined to learn more about he's own power.

http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/6098/ (sorry the hip scarf is a mistake)