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Thread: Fate/Conquest RP-Forum Game

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    "I've had that call earlier and Edward mentioned they were at H-5," Alistair replied as he lead himself and Dimitri towards the car. "They may very well still be there however, by the time we arrive, they may have left already. I will have Edward update me on their locations by morning. We will find out their motives soon."

    The gentleman moved out of the beach and towards their car. The pale moonlight was refreshing, a cool contrast to the sun's own. He delighted in it. The pair entered the car and after a brief moment of silence, Alistair started the vehicle and drove them home.

    Shib'zeb, drak'gryd ash'Cthlon, the voice rebounded at the very edges of Alistair's consciousness as he made a turn. Un'daxt, krasc. deun'Kash.

    The gentleman grit his teeth. The sooner he was rid of these voices, the better.

    There better be no more cats in the way though.

    [Envoy (shib'zeb), we(ash'Cthlon) are growing impatient(drak'gryd).]\\[Quicken(krasc) your(un) pace(daxt). For(de) your(un) sake(daxt).]
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    It had been the most hectic twenty four hours of young Isabelle's life, but it was all about to pay off. Unbeknownst to the other participants, Isabelle had been carefully orchestrating an elaborate battle plan ever since the first meeting of all of the masters and servants at the Grail Manor.

    Dealing with Jett, Vance, and the two knights took precision and mental fortitude. The execution of Isabelle's plan relied solely on her ability to not show weakness in the face of adversity. She was able to Alistair's hesitant trust long enough to lure him into battling against Jett and both knights, who had recently realigned themselves on the side of justice. Alistair was successful in defeating both of the knights with the help of his dark magic and the amazing noble phantasm that Dimitri possessed, but Alistair had exhausted himself and relied too heavily on his dark magic. Every ounce of sanity had left the man, and Isabelle was able to capitalize on him in his weakened state. She had Jack lure Dimitri away under the guise that they were perusing Vance. Isabelle approached Alistair and began to move her hands around in a swirling motion. The air around Alistair's head began to form a funnel with a vacuum effect that removed all of the oxygen from the air around him. It took seconds for the dark mage to suffocate. Before Dimitri knew that he had been tricked, his body dematerialized from the human world.

    Jett survived the encounter and met with Isabelle in secrecy, who informed Jett that Vance had succeeded in killing Alistair and the knights and that she barely escaped with her life. She used her charm and female nature to convince Jett and Erik, and encourage them to hunt down Vance so they could put an end to the Grail War. She convinced Jett that she had no real desire for the Grail other than to keep it out of the grasp of Vance, and vowed to have Jack executed afterwards to allow Jett to make his wish. The young boy was easily convinced.

    It was only a matter of time until the three remaining Master's met with each other to end the Grail War once and for all. Vance wasted no time with his cocky, over confident attitude and witty insults about how easy it was to kill Jett's parents. Isabelle had already made sure that Jett wouldn't succeed in saving them. Now that all of the pieces were in play, she just had to help Jett enough to maintain the illusion that she was still allied with him. Jett insisted on taking Vance down alone, and so he marched into battle against Vance and Rocco with Erik at his side. The battle was intense, but Vance managed to keep the upper hand throughout the entire endeavor. It appeared as if Vance was going to win, until his overconfidence began to get the best of him. Jett stood over Vance, challenging to man to state his last words. Vance gripped Jett's shirt with his weakened arms, trying to resist as he was choked to death. Before Vance's life faded from his eyes, he noticed a massive blast from the corner of his eye. The sound was so loud it left the light mage deaf as he fell to the ground. Both of his arms had been completely ripped apart, but Jett had lost the most. The complete left side of Jett's torso had been ripped off, and a black flame burned the flesh away from his face. With seconds left to live, he turned to face Isabelle, who was holding the empowered staff she had gained for defeating Cesar. The crystal at the end burst into dust as it's powered had been used up completely. Vance shouted incoherently for his servant to aid him, but Rocco was too busy trying to fend off Jack, who was thrashing the weakened Rocco easily.

    Vance peered over his left shoulder at Rocco. If he hand an arm and hand left, he would have clutched in his servant's direction before witnessing Jack rip Rocco in half with the jaws of his mighty dragon form. Isabelle knelt down next to Vance and used her pointer finger to push his cheek until his head turned upright to face her. She brushed his blonde hair back with her hand before hushing the injured man to try and calm him. "It's going to hurt, but I'm going to cauterize your wounds." She shoved a stick in Vance's mouth before clapping her hands together and placing them over Vance's shoulders where his arms had been ripped off. Fire burst from her hands and ignited Vance's shoulder, but the flames soon burst out of control and ignited his entire body. Isabelle stood up and backed away from Vance as he screamed in pain and flailed around on the ground. Isabelle smirked at the burning man, with the reflection of his burning body illuminating her eyes, "Y'know, I was never the greatest when it came to fire magic."

    Isabelle escorted Jack away from the scene before the police arrived. The duo arrived at the Grail Manor the next morning, after the two had showered and eaten. The Holy Grail had manifested and could only be claimed by the winners. Isabelle placed a hand on Jack's shoulder and smiled at her servant, who was probably still confused at the intent of his master. "Your wish then, Jack. After the Grail has fulfilled your desire, I shall use it's omnipotent powers to grant my one true desire. This will no doubt be the last time we see one another, Mr. Frost."

    She never revealed her wish to her servant, but Isabelle did come through on her word. After the two had redeemed their wishes, Isabelle left the Grail Manor without a trace when Jack wasn't looking. She left the keys to her car and house on a table just by the entrance to the manor. One thing everyone in the manor was certain of is that Isabelle was much more powerful than she let on to be.

    OOC: Since Devour didn't want to end it I went ahead and did this <: I never planned for any of this, just setting the stage for Isabelle's next adventure ♥
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