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Thread: SJCRPV (Sebastian Gladstone) vs TwitchyPidge (Janice)

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    SJCRPV (Sebastian Gladstone) vs TwitchyPidge (Janice)

    Important notice: These battles deal with, in greater or lesser extent, more uncomfortable themes. These include: inebriation, sex (of which there is some amount of bondage and S & M), adultery and, depending on how you interpret it, rape. If you believe you would rather not, or cannot, deal with any of this, then this battle might not be for you. Otherwise, please enjoy.

    For acutelatios or any other mod that happens to see this: If you believe I still need to add more to this disclaimer, please tell me. I'll do so as soon as possible.


    This will be the thread for the wRHG battle between me and TwitchyPidge. Below you will find our battles, but there's something I'd like to add. On a whim, I ended up creating two extra pieces related to my version of the battle. I'll give a brief explanation of what they are about in a moment, but the important thing to note is that they are entirely optional and should not be taken into account when voting. Only consider the main story. The other two are there if you're interested. Feel free to comment and critique them, of course, but don't use them as reasoning behind your voting choice. However, since copying them from the file would end up breaking the character limit for a post, I have to leave them as simply links to Google Docs. I could post them in the Original Literature section, but they're not relevant enough to be posted sepeartely. They're just extras.

    For reference, here are our gladiators (descriptions taken from our lovely Hall of Warriors):

    SJCRPV's Gladstone - Pixels | Skilled Martial Artist | Electric Tonfas | Semi-fingerless gloves

    TwitchyPidge's Janice - Shapeshifter | Contortist | Whip and Chain | Extensive Medical Knowledge [ | Expert Identity Thief ]

    SJCRPV's Side:

    This happened before the main story. It's just a quick excerpt of a conversation Gladstone and Selena had regarding Janice.

    Selena is pissed about Janice (OPTIONAL)
    Google Docs

    Main story (Note: Just want to drop a thank you to a friend of mine for giving me the idea for this plot)
    Spoiler for Main story:

    Google Docs version of the story above here: Click

    This one happens right after the main story. Just a few minutes after the two of them arrive at Gladstone's place.

    Aftermath (OPTIONAL)
    Google Docs

    TwitchyPidge's Side:

    Spoiler for Janice v Gladstone:

    And there you have it. Feel free to give out your thoughts about whom you voted for and why. That would be appreciated.
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    Oh gosh.. SJCRPV.. That was just a great read.
    I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. From the interesting plot that shied away from the typical battle scenario, to indirect details of his torture (seriously well done on that), to the heart-breaking ending. That was just an enjoyable read from start to finish!
    I loved the pacing of the story too, and your writing style complimented it well! It didn't seem to go too fast, and honestly the ending left me a bit sad that it ended.
    I think my absolute favorite component of the story was the emotion, and how it affected it your writing. At one point, I could almost feel Gladstone's anger, and that is truly impressive.
    Very nice read.

    I have yet to read TwitchyPidge's side, but I am excited to.

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    Gosh, both of these were amazing to read.
    I mean, terrible. Freaking terrible. Why would you two do these... terrible things to Gladstone?
    Alright, but seriously- both of your stories had me feeling for the poor guy. He's a happy little pixel... pixeller, with a partner he enjoys but doesn't see much any more, and in both stories he has to deal with a shapeshifter taking the form of (or at least the place of) that very woman. It's rough, and it's actually so rough that it's going to have an effect on my voting, which isn't something I expected to say.

    SJCRPV's story was absolutely stunning. He took this battle as a chance to tear apart his character and break him. So when he eventually scores his "win" it is immensely satisfying and immensely painful too. This story affected me far more than a story has affected me for a while, and I give you enormous props for being able to do that for one, and for two having the guts to actually have her do those things to your own character.

    But let's take a look at Pidge's story. Janice achieved her objective in this version, and she certainly messed with Gladstone, but... the ending's a lot more light-hearted, mysterious, and open-ended. I think there are a lot of very good reasons for that.

    Let's consider what would happen if Pidge were to write Janice how Seb wrote Janice. Every person she battled, she would completely, utterly disassemble. Consider what would happen if she were to write her end of the battle, and the other party were to forfeit or couldn't meet the deadline? The only record of that character's existence, excluding their demo or any previous battles they've fought- would be them getting shit on. Like, really, getting absolutely shit on.

    I applaud you Seb for the uncanny way in which you can shit on your own gladiator in your own story. Honestly, I'm SERIOUSLY jealous of how well you managed to do that. But my vote goes to Pidge on this one for having the class not to take a dump on your (extremely vulnerable, easily exploitable) character. She didn't... ultimately, permanently, severely BREAK him is what I'm saying- she got in, she tied him up in knots, stole some shit, and left a trail. That's the kind of story I personally would would prefer to read more of.

    But for now I guess I'll have to put up with Seb's tie-in stories.
    Well fought, both of you.
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    1,232, I have to say Seb won this one.


    Well, for the same reasons that Chromium7 said, except I liked it. Call me a sadist. Whatever. That was awesome. And the ending was perfectly done. Also, I have to say, you get extra creds for how well you did the sex scene while at the same time not using one explicit description, or even one word. That's not the easiest thing in the world to do...congrats.

    Really, I also love Pidge's version. The ONLY reason I didn't vote for that one is because it was excellent...but Seb's was just more excellent.

    The only CnC note I would make is that I would have liked some more quotation marks in Seb's...but I'm sure he has a reason for not using them. Otherwise, please see Chromium7's Cnc, since he covered most of what I would have said.

    The only thing I would add is that while I have to respect Pidge for being "kind" (not that she was really kind, but compared to Seb's edition...) to Gladstone, physical mercy I can see....but on the psychological level I love to do the maximum damage. Additionally, when it's your char, you can do absolutely whatever you want with him/her, which Seb did masterfully.

    And there's my reasoning.

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    Huh, you caught me just as I was about to go to bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alphaeus
    The only CnC note I would make is that I would have liked some more quotation marks in Seb's...but I'm sure he has a reason for not using them.
    I believe you're referring to the fact that I use hyphens instead of quotation marks to denote vocal speech?
    Well, yeah, there's a reason. Where I'm from, that's how you write dialogue. I could use the quotation marks, which I have done so in the past, but I find that using hyphens is more clear to me (as you might imagine, it's likely tied to the fact that I'm just more used to them). You'll find that, if the conversation is being held through indirect methods like text messaging or phone or anything of the like, I'll end up using quotation marks. Otherwise, hyphens.

    In any case, I'm glad people are enjoying the stories from both sides.
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    Decisions, Decisions...


    Both reads were amazing, my eyes slightly hurt because I forgot to readjust the monitor after playing CS:GO. But nonetheless better.
    I enjoyed that both of the stories strayed away from the typical "LETS FUCKIN HAVE A FIST FIGHT" format, and went more into a decieving, noir genre (which on the side I really love <3 ).
    Now about the stories.

    Seb's was a bit dragged out, maybe a tad too many sexeh sentences (you kinky fuck), but the pacing was amazing. Never got bored of reading and had a great time. I think the cliche where Janice has captured Selena and all that jazz brought the story a bit down, but not that much.

    Twitchy, yours was short, engaging and straight to the point. Great read, although it was slightly hard for me to keep track of all dialogues due to not-so-optimal spacing and paragraphing. The pacing was a bit awkward, going slow and detailed at times, fast and skippy at others. But I really enjoyed the read.

    In the end I'll have to give it to Seb. Pacing really is my softspot, and his was really well paced and filled with niceness and cookies. No diss to Twitchy's, both were equally good. But Seb takes my vote.

    GG WP ALL.

    Spoiler for Quotes worth Remembering:

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    Damn, not even on the actual story and I already found a sin.
    Then again, I don't expect many more from here on out:
    Spoiler for Sebastian overhyped this:

    Damn, just hot diggity damn. I am glad I finally got to reading that. I think there was a missed opportunity with making this far darker, especially with characters who are so human. But, I'm picky like that so I'll take what I can get.
    Absolutely excellent sir, I doubt I'll read such a story on the forum like this for awhile.
    Now I just have to read Twitch's, tomorrow, when it's not so damn late.
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