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Thread: BSE version 6 - Would you join?

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    BSE version 6 - Would you join?

    So I've been talking to Stone about the next BSE here on Stickpage. In case you don't know what the BSE is, it stands for Best Sequence Execution and is a competition where you are given a short sequence to animate for 10 rounds, each round getting harder and harder. For each round you try to get the highest score possible. There is a winner for each round, and there is an overall winner at the end of all 10 rounds.
    Me and Camila would like to host it again and Stone is down for the idea aswell. Although we all want to know if there are any active people out there who are interested to join in this time. What do you guys think? Would you join if we hosted another BSE? Do you have any sugestions on how to improve it from last year? Please let us know your thoughts!

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    I down for it!
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    I am certainly up for it, i miss the BSE events.

    Oh and will there still be a prize?

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    Hopefully people will be more mature about it this time around. Reading some of the past rounds have been admittedly embarrassing.
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    I mean as long as there's money involved I doubt the turnout will be bad.

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    The only way people will actually join and not complain about the BSE is if Oxob hosts again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewitt View Post
    The only way people will actually join and not complain about the BSE is if Oxob hosts again.

    Also, if there were prizes for completion that would certainly get a lot more participation, but I don't see an issue in running it without prizes. I'd probably contribute for a round or two.
    edit: Also, what I think killed the last one was the length of each round. To my knowledge this isn't supposed to be for more full length type animations but rather linear combo's. Sure some of the entries we received during the last round were out-fucking-standing, they weren't a representation of what BSE is meant to be. I hope that is taken into consideration as well.
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    Yes! always wanted to be in this event. helps you to improve

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    I would recommend putting this in the RHG thread as well, if you want traffic that is.

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    I'm down for this :P

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