Name:Frost The berserker

- Abilities:
Spirit Spear:Will Summon a Spear that Take's out 25% of enemies Strength.

Hell Fist:Frost will Summon a Devil arm that Gives him 50%Strength & Speed.

El Diablo:Frost will Charge Hell Fist for 2.5 Seconds And release it causing enemies to be stun and knock back for 2.5 Seconds.

Berserk(Passive):Frost will be empowered by enemies Strikes and Slash. The lethal the Damage the Stronger he gets.

Berserk Mode:Frost Will Go berserk When he's flowing with fury And will Activate this when frost Get's Extremely DAMAGE.

- Weaknesses:

He cannot control himself when he gone berserk mode.
Charging El Diablo will take frost some Time so he will be vulnerable for any attack.
The spirit spear is like a normal spear and easy to dodge (Frost is not that good Tossing Stuff).
Frost will not dodge any attack unless it's weapon .
He can be overpowered by Speed.

- About/Story:
Frost is a simple Guy before Hanging out and Train for fun but when the day for fought he's first enemy he felt this Sensation of Lust of Fighting.
So frost Set of the Mountain And travel to seek where Fight can start everywhere until Frost Saw a paper on the Floor ''RHG' He recognize the paper and search for the place and Search for A worthy Opponent.

- Demo: