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Thread: I'm Jalo, its nice to meet you.

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    I'm Jalo, its nice to meet you.

    Hey everypne ! My name is Jalo, I'm really excited to be doing this stuff as my newest hobby, I WILL have the required content needed when I begin duels and whatever solo ideas I may think of to really give my character a personality of sorts. Apologies for asking for your patience as I know I should be a better animator and have already had the content created so I can start off properly, but what I've done so far is so exciting and I can't stop doing it so I'm on no sleep for almost 3 days now, and I'm excited to start my animated content ASAP!

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    Hi there,enjoy your stay and please read the rules so you adapt to this place.

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    Where do ya think?
    Good luck in all your endeavors
    And may the mods be ever in your favor

    You should probably confront the strange creatures know has The Rules < (thats a link to teh rules)
    and The Guide< (thats a link to teh guide)
    Other than that I hope you become a great animator
    (and also your fine on the not having stuff ready thing, most people don't when they start)
    (and another thing, get some sleep, NOT SLEEPING IS MY THING >:| (I've patented getting no sleep, buuut... I guess I'll allow it))
    (no I'm not kidding look at my sig and title)
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