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Thread: Mirage

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    M I R A G E
    = + = + =

    < Biometrics >
    Codename: Mirage
    True Name: N/A
    Age: N/A
    Height: 167cm (5’5.7”)
    Weight: 53kg (116.8lb)

    < Appearance >
    Wears suit, tie, and formal business(wo)man's dress. This conceals her bodysuit.
    Always has her headgear on, though when not in combat it retracts into a simple facemask.
    Usually has her white hair tied up into a bun; occasionally, she lets her hair down.
    Spoiler for Image:

    < Weaponry >
    Melee | Whisper
    TL;DR – When sheathed, this functions as an electrified cane and slow-firing gauss rifle.
    Unsheathed, the weapon is a multi-segmented whip-sword with superheated all-cutting edge.
    Spoiler for Weapon Details:

    Ranged| Flourish (x8)
    TL;DR – Disc-like remotely controlled projectiles that can emit bursts of light, heat or sound.
    Similar to flashbangs (apart from the thermal function); used for distractive purposes.
    Spoiler for Weapon Details:

    Defence | “Linothorax” Type Lambda Powered Exoskeleton
    TL;DR – Force-absorption suit that enables wearer to survive a ten-storey fall with virtually no damage.
    Compromised by non-kinetic attacks (chemical weapons, high-temperature explosives, magic etc.)
    Has multiple secondary functions, among them being intercom and weapons control.
    Spoiler for Equipment Details:

    < Abilities >
    Enhancement | Biotechnological Augmentation
    TL;DR – Mirage has substantially heightened limb strength, observation capacity and reaction speed due to multiple augmentation procedures.
    Spoiler for Procedural Details:

    < Strengths >
    Spoiler for Strengths:

    < Weaknesses >
    Spoiler for Weaknesses:

    < Backstory >
    Spoiler for Backstory:

    < Personality >
    Spoiler for Personality Analysis:

    < Demonstration >
    Spoiler for Mission Record:
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    Hope to battle you soon, but I got something to do before doing so. Your character kinda reminds me of The Organizations work a bit, but overall this was well done.

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    Hey, Aivyr! Great to see you here. You've already beaten Teddy, he hasn't finished his story yet. But soon enough, he'll be here too~

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    Back, baby.
    Art thou availibru? Not challenging, just wondering.

    I am a quality shitposter(and Magnificent Bastard). You, on the other hand, are a shit-quality poster.

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    I like this

    I like you

    Let's be friends

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    The Internet
    Aivyr was last online at "04-24-2016 02:31 AM" according to their profile information.

    Also, necromancy is illegal in most countries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malacal View Post
    Aivyr was last online at "04-24-2016 02:31 AM" according to their profile information.

    Also, necromancy is illegal in most countries.
    I was thinking the same thing....just didn't bother saying it...
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    It's not illegal if no one finds out

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    Well admittedly Mal, this is the profile section and not the Yukon Peninsula. I'm not sure what the policy is on necroing threads is/was for the purpose of voicing approval/disapproval of the character in question, but there a couple of points to consider here that put DoomsDruid in the right at least where I'm concerned. Didn't think I'd be doing this with my morning but hey. Guess what I mean is that their account could resume usage at any moment, at least in theory, or hope or by hope and the right kind of persuasion. While yes, it is a bit of a stretch, it's within reason to say that the account may still be pending further use, the writer may still be lurking, and may still care what is thought of them. Could be the thread and writer only 'died' because the recognition they were looking for never came, to the point where they and we or a majority or the audience they were pandering towards started looking at their work as something that died off in the ages they spent doing other projects, as an example. Could be that people weren't looking to do wRHG stuff with Mirage specifically at the time Mirage and her writer were around, said nothing, and that ended up being why she 'died' or, well, stopped being written with actively? Hopefully that makes sense.

    So that in mind, I mean- this character is awesome and I'd love to see more of her. Looking like I'm not alone in that and that it's more that nobody said that earlier on that's the issue.

    But if she is dead for good, well- rest in peace, lass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devi View Post
    It's not illegal if no one finds out


    btw Chromium, necromancy is the same no matter what. Unless you're adding a lot to the thread and basically taking it over yourself to continue the topic, it's bad juju
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