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Thread: [MARVEL] CIVIL WAR: Team CAP vs. Team IRON MAN

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    (PLEASE READ: I overlooked the general description of the debate forum before posting this thread. It seems that this has no relation to real life government, social, or environmental situations and I apologize for my mistake. I hope the moderators will move this thread to where it is more necessary to be posted.)

    Alright Marvel fans!

    Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man

    We all know it's coming...

    We all know this war is about to happen...

    It's time to choose your SIDE.

    Before this highly anticipated movie will be premiered on the big screen, I want to see Marvel (or MCU) fans in this community to speak out which side are you all on and your statement of choosing that side. I like to see how the people would defend their choice and oppose all stands from the other team to prove that their side is more worthy to win. I would like this to be a fun and respectful debate even though all of these are based on fictional characters with fictional conflict. Tell which side are you on and speak out your opinions and stands of what makes you think this character is well deserved to dominate. Are you team Captain America or team Iron Man?
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    Moved it for you and added a poll.

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    It would help if you list down who's on who's side

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