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Thread: Devi "The Teenage Warrior"

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    Devi "The Teenage Warrior"

    Gender: Male
    Color: Blue Green
    Weapon: Sonic Blade
    Abilities: None
    Weakness: Sometimes he gets hit by his blades itself.
    Story: He was an ordinary person who finished on 4th year college. His parents died because of a disaster happened to their town. But his brother "Trevor" lives with him. Days passed by, they went on a park. The park's name is Wellington's Park. It was their favorite since they were kids. But while they were in the park, they heard people screaming. The terrorist arrived for resources. The terrorists tried to scare the people. Devi and Trevor were there. So Devi and Trevor tried to escape. But one terrorist shot Trevor on his chest. Devi will try to save him but Trevor said, "run far away from them". So Devi escaped from the city. Days passed by, he traveled through the forests, dessert, etc. But while he was walking though the jungle forest, he found a temple. So he went inside. In the temple, he found something awesome. It is a Sonic Blade. He touched it and someone said, "Do not touch it". It's an old man. Devi said, "who are you?'' The old man said, "I'm the master of fighting". So the old man was a fighting master, Devi asked him if he could train him to fight. The master agreed. 5 months later, Devi became a professional fighter. The master gave him the sonic blades to him for weapons also. So Devi left his master and went back to the city. While he was walking, someone showed up. Devi said" Who the heck are you?" The person said, "I'm a Rock Hard Gladiator" But Devi doesn't know what Rock Hard Gladiator is. So the RHG said that it is a professional skilled fighter. Devi asked if he could join RHG. The person said "ok". So Devi folowed him to the RHG battleground. And they arrived. So the person tested Devi if he's a skilled fighter. So Devi won a challenge. The Rock Hard Gladiator told him that Devi is a Rock Hard Gladiator already. So Devi beginned his career of being a Rock Hard Gladiator.
    Devi Demo:

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    Reason(s): Picture is too big. Must be 150x150.
    Private Message me with resized picture and I will unlock this thread.

    Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

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